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Both my parents travel for business on a regular basis. Usually, they align their travels so that one of them will be home to take care of their exceedingly sensitive miniature dachshund, Ginger. This week, however, their travel will overlap and I offered to take Ginger in to love her and pet her and call […]

Plug tunin’


 She’s far more than a blogger, folks. My good friend Kim has just launched her new photography website!  Merging talent with vision and passion, she is also in the process of starting her own photography business. I’m so very proud of her.  Kim has a wonderful gift, and I wish her all the success in […]

While my friends, my family, and I all do our best to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle… the mighty overlords at Nordstrom aren’t on the same page. Behold, a shipment I received: Are these the shoes I ordered for Makenna? Shake, shake, shake. Feels a little light. What’s inside? Stuffing. (Please don’t look at my messy kitchen […]

A conversation with my mom, in a restaurant, a couple nights ago… Mom: We have some surprises for the girls in our car. And, there’s something for you, too! LV: Ohhhhh! What? Whatwhatwhat???? Tell me!! Mom: Something that I know you need. LV: Synthroid? Mom: Nnnnnno…. LV: Tanqueray? Mom: (lips pursing) No, Marci. Something only […]

I’m a week late in posting a travelogue of our trip to L.A. I can’t seem to concentrate on anything at the moment, and I totally blame my thyroid. If you’re curious and want to get up to speed on my hypothyroidism, check out the answer to #5 of this post. Not much has changed […]