Somebody, please…


… grab me by the shoulders and shake some sense into me.

LVGurl, a web designer YOU. ARE. NOT.

I’m sporting some hot BlogHer ads. See? Over there? ——>

Once I figure out this new template, the ads will reside under a header aptly named “Need More Gin.”

With said BlogHer ads in place, I needed a third column. I really, I mean REALLY, did not want a template with three columns. (I like two columns; it’s clean and I can better focus on the content). But I found a nice, basic, simple-looking K2 template that I have admired on other blogs. But it has all these whoop-dee-dos and bells and whistles and DAMMIT, I (again) can’t make it look the way I want it to.

Remind me again why I use WordPress? It’s the best and all, fabulous interface for posting, but really. Who am I kidding? I can’t CODE.


I sound like a gaw dam broken record.

Anyway, Andrew, the chicks and I had a great weekend in L.A. When I stop feeling sorry for myself and this blog, I’ll post a nice recap. Until then, wish me luck.

p.s. I like how my blog looks in IE7. So those of you using IE7, cool! In Firefox, not loving it so much…

9 Responses to “Somebody, please…”

  1. people still use IE?

    saw the cute pics of you at SAJs opening. cool!

  2. looks good to me, or am I missing something. Hey, no fair, I want to see, I want to see!! I’m in MAC LAND and have no IE opportunity.

    Let’s see what you look like in Safari, huh?

  3. Ick… IE. I’m on my mac right now so I can’t see it in IE, but in Firefox it is pretty washed out. Safari renders much like Firefox.

  4. Oh no! My site isn’t Zen? Crap. (psst… Angella, I reworded in your honor! Your site is very ZEN!)


    Just be thankful you aren’t on Moveable Type. It was AWFUL. I’d help if I could, but I really suck at coding.

    Do you have the CSS add-on for Firefox? I found the link on Kerflop’s site. You can muck around on your site while looking at it. Then when it’s the way you look, you can change the code. It’s like making changes in real time, but not permanently until you choose to do so.


    Can’t wait to hear about your weekend!

  5. I am with you, I am still on idiot proof blogger for this very reason, it’s all so above lil ol me 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear about your weekend!

  6. The only difference I see is the brown behind the banner in IE. I guess I’d better get me some Garden Harvest chips, so you can get yourself some more Gin.

  7. And this coding thing is why I asked somebody to help me move to my own site and WordPress. I know I will have to learn a bit eventually, but really I was a nervous wreck to move it all myself from the getgo. It looks great from here (IE).

  8. are you speaking japanese?

    this is why i haven’t changed over to a anything i have to ‘code’ myself.

    sorry, i’m not any help.

  9. are you learning this shit on the side? I keep meaning to learn mine but noooooo I barely have enough time to shower after I do #2. great job

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