I *heart* teen idols


While I sorta, but not really, pack for a quick trip to LA this weekend, I thought I’d post a short list of my favorite teen starts growing up. I was inspired by VH1’s Top 100 Greatest Teen Stars rerun that I watched the other night. If you missed it, never fear, VH1 will air it again and again and again for the next four years.

Growing up, I was an often lonely only child, who spent hours pouring over teen magazines and tearing out pin-ups. I was a homely girl with glasses, I looked an awful lot like Marcie from Peanuts. I was boy crazy and dreamed of being an actress. I took no actual steps to make an acting career happen, partly due to my overprotective mother.

(By the way, THANK YOU, MOM! I get it now. I get why you wouldn’t find me an agent or enroll me in acting classes. *Ahem* lindseylohanbritneyspears).

Honestly, I think the only reason I wanted to “go to Hollywood” was so I could meet those cute boys upon whom I had teen idols crushes.

And now, my Top 7* list from the 80’s:

1. Sean Astin – I was first introduced to this dreamboat in the flick The Goonies. I thought Mikey was the cat’s meow, and he had asthma like me! I saw every movie Sean Astin made after that, and even wrote him a couple fans letters. All I got back were two identical postcards with his picture on it. He had a mullet and was wearing a Benetton sweatshirt. Oh well. But I’m pleased to see that he grew up to be a successful actor, and a well-grounded family man! Go Rudy!!

2. John Taylor – Okay, he was way out of my league, especially because he was 14 years older than me. But he quite possibly was the best looking man to walk the face of the earth at that time. He was/still is the bassist for Duran Duran, most favorite band EVER! Duran Duran still tours, I even saw them live at The Hard Rock a couple years ago. Anyway, back to John. My entire closet door was covered in John Taylor pictures. When I look at old pictures of him, I still feel all tingly.

3.  Henry Thomas – WHO?  Henry Thomas starred in E.T. as Elliot, and he was my first celebrity crush.  Actually, I think he was the reason I wanted to be an actress… so I could star in a movie with him!  Henry didn’t do a whole lot right after E.T., but went on to become a “normal kid,” and reemerged as a great actor in his 20’s.  Legends of the Fall, anyone?

4. Jake Ryan – Jake Ryan? He doesn’t even know you exist! Okay, the man’s name is really Michael Schoeffling, but he will always be Jake Ryan to me. Jake Ryan, the object of Samantha Baker’s affection in my absolute favoritest move, Sixteen Candles. Jake didn’t say much, didn’t sound too bright sometimes, but he was so soft on the eyes. I hoped that one day, a boy like him would pick me up in a Porsche and bake me a birthday cake. (No that wasn’t some complex innuendo).

5. Anthony Michael Hall – And speaking of Sixteen Candles, I really dug this guy. He was so funny and clever, and he WAS cute, dammit! I think I identified with his geekiness. I loved Anthony Michael Hall all the way from National Lampoon’s Vacation, to Sixteen Candles, to Weird Science, to The Breakfast Club. Then he lost me at Johnny Be Good. He’s still a working actor, and it’s fun to see him all grown up.

6. Matthew Broderick – Okay, HOW CUTE was he in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?? He had that young, approachable, innocent kind of cute mixed in with a cunning sense of humor. And what a talented guy! As cute as I thought he was, it’s a kick for me to see him grown up as a successful actor, Broadway star, happy father, and husband to the fabulous Carrie Bradshaw, er… I mean, Sarah Jessica Parker.

7. River Phoenix – What an enormously talented person, and what a tragedy. I can appreciate that now, as an adult, but when I was 12? OH was he cute!! I remember seeing him on some hokey daytime talk show, he and his sister Rain were singing. Then I’d watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, just so I could see him. He starred in so many movies, I can barely list them all. River was so impressive, at once brooding and serious, yet he had a killer sense of comic timing. Emotion oozed from his performances, it was palpable. My favorite movie of his, by far, was Stand by Me.

Honorable Mentions: Rick Springfield (another who was old enough to be my dad), Corey Haim, Matt Dillon, Kirk Cameron, Michael J. Fox (I really liked that guy!)

Who were your teen celebrity crushes?



* It’s a Top 7 because I meant it to be 5, but I thought of a couple more at the last minute.


12 Responses to “I *heart* teen idols”

  1. Oh what a fun walk down memory lane! I loved Micheal J Fox too but my all time fave was Tim Farris from INXS – he is the guitar player. He was way too old for then but now, mmmm…

    right I am married and love my hubby 🙂

    I loved INXS

  2. I liked River Phoenix, and Corey Haim…and Kirk Cameron. But the HUGE poster I had on my wall was of Johnny Depp back in the 21 Jump Street days.

    Oooohhhh! Johnny Depp! How hot was he on Jumpstreet?

  3. So many similarities. I was such a huge Duran Duran fan and John Taylor was my fave as well. I was into the guys from “The Outsiders”, Matt Dillon, C. Thomas Howell, Tom Cruise… I will say that I totally adored River Phoenix as well, and yes it was such a tragedy.

    Funny, I look back at our teen idols from the ’70s &’80s (Shaun Cassidy) and wonder who are the guy teen idols these days? Justin Timberlake? Not sure, they all seem so much older than the guys we lusted after.

    I agree, they don’t make ’em like they used to!

  4. As I am reading this, Max just jumped out of his crib again and then he front handspringed (thanks Paige) over the gate. Can’t think right now. Plus, I didn’t really have a teen idol. How sad.

    SuperMax is unstoppable.

  5. I will forever have a crush on River Phoenix. I have always adored Sean Astin (Goonies is one of my favorite flicks!) and Michael J. Fox remains one of my favorite guys. He seems like such a GOOD person, you know? Alex P. Keaton!


  6. Have you seen that new “Two Coreys” show? It makes me slightly humiliated that Corey Haim made it on my list!

    Sean Astin, Kirk Cameron, Matthew Broderick all make my list too. Chad Allen was also on my list. And John Cusack… and I should stop because I’ll keep thinking of people!

    I need to catch the Two Coreys….

  7. The best River Phoenix movie was one of his last….The Thing Called Love. He’s hot, talented and a good singer. What a loss!

    I dug Kirk Cameron too.

    I remember guys in my junior high in Portland were all getting perms so they could look like Kirk Cameron. When I moved to California a year later, no guys had perms. I was glad to be in CA…

  8. I was a total DURANNIE!! WHen I lived in london Simon Le bon lived in my neighborhood but I never caught him mowing the lawn or anything.

    Ummmm, you’re my hero!!

  9. I was also into the “Outsiders” and I had a glossy picture of Rob Lowe on my wall. Yep, Rob Lowe was my man in the 80’s and Jason Patric “Lost Boys” and Jake Ryan was always the ultimate boyfriend.

    I think Rob Lowe is the prettiest man ever made. And he aged so gracefully. WOW!!

  10. I agree with you on Sean Astin, Anthony Michael Hall and Matthew Broderick . And of course Michaell J Fox… he’s Albertan, dude. When I was in Kelowna, BC a few weeks ago, I met a man who was staying at our hotel and we got to chatting about Edmonton, we were both from there. Anyways, he’s related to Michael Fox (and I didn’t quite catch on at first since he dropped the J).

    My fave, by FAR, would have to be Robert Downey Jr. Seriously, the scene in Tuff Turf, where he’s a drummer and is wearing no shirt, but a bowtie… Oh My Gosh.

  11. yeah sean austin fer sure- i’d do him- i mean if he did me back then- he’s probably fat, balding and gross looking by now

  12. Duran Duran is still my favorite band! Total Simon fan. I met them 6 years ago and it didn’t make me hate them or anything!

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