Today was Makenna’s first day of preschool. A year ago, I scoffed at the notion of her starting preschool at three years of age. But a few things changed my mind, and prompted me to enroll her this school year:

1) Locally, preschools have competitive enrollment (I have to get her in now, so she has a spot for the very important Pre-K year);

2) Makenna’s shyness; and

3) Her general boredom with me past, oh, 10:00am each day.

Makenna attends her little school five half-days a week. She got her feet wet this summer with a half-day summer camp program at the same place. She had fun, and the change we see in her is astounding.

She isn’t is quite as overwhelmed with new people, places or things, she is more outgoing, she has an increased sense of adventure, and she cleans up after herself much better.

And mom gets a little break every morning as Paige naps.

I’m not a fan, however, of small children having to wear a uniform to preschool. But even so, how cute is this?

Next stop, Eastland Academy!



11 Responses to “Already?”

  1. You’re right, that’s an absolutely adorable pic!

  2. The uniform is adorable and just think, no fights about what to wear!

    I put my oldest, Jack, in at 3 too and for all the same reasons. Kamden starts in about 3 weeks too again for the same reasons.

  3. 3 KT

    Cheeks looks so cute in her uniform! And her little backpack is darling too… She is a very well accessorized young lady!

  4. i gotta say as much as i griped about wearing a uniform when i actually had to figure an outfit out i freaked. ha ha.

  5. I personally like the rockin’ pink Converse. Hopefully Ava can get to show a little personality on her feet, too.

    How scary is that Facts of Life photo? πŸ™‚

  6. She starts school NOW? We don’t start here until after the long weekend πŸ™‚

    She looks ADORABLE. Makes me wish my kids had to wear uniforms! So cute!!

  7. 7 Keri

    I had to wear a uniform to school (even highschool) and I loved it. I never had to worry about what I was going to wear. I wish my work had uniforms.

  8. I love the uniform. I for one am all for it, although we don’t have many uniformed schools here. I think it just makes it easier for the parents and there is no competition in school on how you are dresseed. And having worn a uniform in England oh so many years ago, I know that you don’t get teased as much about your clothes.

    Your preschool is a lot like Junior Kindergarten here that J is starting this fall. Five half days a week. His preschool last year was only once a week.

  9. Too cute; hope she’s enjoying “real” school! πŸ™‚

  10. her uniform is waayyy cuter than ours. and she looks so adorable.

    and can you believe i had to call and get celia on a waiting list when i was pregnant with her, just to assure she would be able to get into the school program.

    now, let’s see if i can pay for this shit.

  11. you take the good you take the bad you take them all and there you have the facts of life! the facts of life!! MY FAVORITE SHOW EVER! lol
    J wears uniforms- I wore uniforms. I LOVE THEM- no fights in the morning…it’s either plaid shorts and jersey or dress and white shirt. End of story.

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