On battling a love children’s clothing


Yesterday afternoon, Andrew arrived home early and sent me away for a little down time.

I headed straight for Banana Republic, because I’m in the process of gradually updating my wardrobe from fall 2003. One doesn’t realize how styles drastically change in four years, until you’ve been pregnant on and off. (And by the way, THANK HEAVEN for those long tunics that are so hip right now! My second pregnancy spare tire thanks you, oh demigods of sensible fashion).

When I left the store, I knew I should head straight for my car. Do not walk past babyGap. Do not. Don’t.

Banana Republic, babyGap, GapKids, Gap, Pottery Barn Kids, and Pottery Barn are all in a row, in that exact order. It’s a six store line-up of pure temptation for me — a person who not only loves buying clothes for myself, but who has a compulsion for buying cute girls’ clothes for my chicks.

Keep walking. Don’t go inside. Don’t even LOOK in the window.

Do you know what happened? Remember those big hooks used in old Carol Burnett/Sonny & Cher variety shows? The ones that crept out onto the stage to drag off the unfortunate performer? One of THOSE hooked me and dragged me into babyGap. I swear!

Okay fine, but I’m just going to look!

I passed by the big girl section, because Makenna 1) is getting picky about what she wears, and 2) will be wearing a uniform (blech!) to preschool starting next week. That leaves Paige as my muse. I headed right to the baby girl section, and found a few versatile, darling pieces (2 for $20!!) and decided that Paige really, really needs to wear them.

How do I rationalize these purchases when her older sister has left her with some cute things already?

A) Some of the clothes are badly stained!

B) Paige needs a few things to call her own.

C) I don’t buy clothes to impress anyone, I just love seeing my cute chicks in cute clothes.

D) I eventually send the gently worn clothes to my friend Erin, so her daughter Edie can wear them!

E) I’m supporting the economy by making consumer purchases.

F) I don’t smoke, gamble, party, or drink to excess. We don’t blow money on cars, jewelry, or expensive trips. Girls’ clothing is my vice!


So, do you think I need help?

** Update:Β  I had to change the title of this entry.Β  Apparently, the word ‘addiction’ in the title sparked a spam frenzy.

11 Responses to “On battling a love children’s clothing”

  1. SO. CUTE. Shopping for girls is SO MUCH FUN!!

  2. I almost want to buy baby and little girls clothing when I’m out because it’s so cute and I don’t even have a kid! It seems perfectly logical to me.

    I think I know where you were shopping, and if I’m right that area is evil because it’s a strip of wonderful temptation. (More so than the actual “Strip”.) With Williams Sonoma at the end to cap off my temptations…

  3. Lvgurl, Don’t you think you and Jill should hook up? I mean, you guys do live in the same city and all. It could be a puny Blogher! ha!

    Nice choice sistah. Paige will be a stronger, well-adjusted kid due to her darling style!

    You need to come and help me shop!

  4. wait- just wait until your girl gets to limited too stage. I have the fortune that the ex just told me he’d reimburse for all clothing i buy for baby J. FREAKING YAY

  5. oh wait!! I LOVE your new banner!! LOVE IT

  6. Little Miss Mel is right, we could have a mini BlogHer over cupcakes or something! πŸ™‚

  7. No help needed. If you need help then I would be the poster child for needing help. It’s a good thing I only have boys because I could do even more serious damage in the girls section!

    And the hook, it’s totally happened to me. I swear!

  8. I have a niece who’s about 6 weeks younger than T; while I love to buy the cute boy stuff for T, the girl clothes literally make me swoon. I mean, Baby Gap has skinny jeans. SKINNY JEANS for baby girls. Am I made of stone?? πŸ™‚

  9. 9 KT

    I completely agree with all of your rationalizations… especially with the one about Paige needing things to call her own. As a younger sister, I can attest that hand-me-downs are no fun at all! You picked out really cute stuff!

  10. Very cute. I already know that I am in big trouble. Girls clothes are just so much cuter than boys clothes and there is so much more to choose from. I was wishing for another boy for the sheer ease of already having everything I could ever need. Now, I just ‘have’ to start all over again.

  11. I think Sabrina’s parents need to have a chat with you. Perhaps they could lend you a box to fill and that is all you can keep. πŸ˜‰

    We all have our vices- mine is buying expensive food.

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