Something to share


Lately, I feel like I’ve heard more bad news than usual.

I’m tired of death, disease, and disorders.

I ask one thing of you, my faithful commenters. Can you leave a comment telling me about one happy thing? It can be your own good news, a brief anecdote, something sweet your child said, a corny joke, a lovely sight… I don’t care. Let’s brighten the day.

I’ll start: While shopping at Target this morning, Paige rode around in the seat of the cart, laying down, with her foot sticking out. She was completely and totally relaxing, working on her vocabulary — pop pop pop, mama, hot hot hot. From an outside angle, all you could see was her foot protruding out the top. (She was in her Floppy Seat, so she was not basking in filth!)

Okay, your turn!

(p.s.  I put up a new banner!)

14 Responses to “Something to share”

  1. 1. I’m going on vacation tomorrow!
    2. My son has been wearing his sister’s pink wellies around the house this past week, which looks absolutely hilarious.
    3. I just got to see an old friend.
    4. I get to visit Italy again- WHOO HOO!!!!!

    Is that enough goodness?

    YES!! Have a great trip!

  2. Sweet Banner!

    I asked Graham where he wanted to work when he grows up.

    “WALMART! And Nathan can work at McDONALDS!”

    My kids aim high 🙂

    Maybe they can be the CEO of WalMart or McDonalds…?

  3. My sister-in-law finally admitted to being uncomfortable, after 8 1/2 months of pregnancy. I figure that means she’s going to pop any day now!

    Hope you’re having a good day and you get a lot of good “happy” things.

    That is great news! I hope she has a smooth and healthy delivery!

  4. Already chatted your ear off on the phone. Hope it put a smile on your face.

    Other than than, Rt’s little girlfriend Avery said the following while I was putting Rt down on the floor to change his diaper.

    “I see Rt’s pee pee”.

    She touched it when the diaper came off. Playing doctor already, I see.


    HAHAHA!! I guess it’s either her, or him… given Rt’s penchant for fiddling with his “boy stuff.”

  5. Good thing #1: Love the new banner.

    Good thing #2: My birthday’s coming up, and I so hope I get Spiderman underwear.

  6. Another potentially happy thing:

    Easy travel for a blogging get together! We’ll have to see how this pans out.

  7. 1. A frog hopped right across my path today.

    2. I made a crap load of money today.

    3. My cat, Stanley, nuzzled my neck when I came home.

  8. The heat broke last night and I can finally enjoy some fresh summer air flowing through my house.

    J has been reciting “Lego Star Wars” commercials from the website. Word for word, sound for sound… all.. morning.. long.

    Great new banner!

  9. The new banner rocks the casbah.
    We are dogsitting my friend’s golden lab puppy. He is so cute that I don’t even mind the steaming logs of poo he’s been leaving all over the house. 🙂

  10. I love the banner, nice work:-)

    I just got home from a wonderful beach vacation – it’s great to go away but oh so great to come home to our very own beds 🙂

    Hope things are looking up for you!

  11. Ooh, loving the new banner; did you make it yourself?!

    Oh, and my happy thing is that we are leaving for vacation in less than two weeks, and I? CANNNOT WAIT.

  12. uummm… i’m not pregnant?

    this would be VERY good news around here.

  13. 13 ie

    Did you notice? It’s a little cooler and breezy this morning? What a joy it was to step outside and not be tossed a wet, hot blanket!

  14. My 1 year old son has been working on his animal sounds. So far the only one he has mastered is ‘he-haw’. Leave it to us as parents to encourage our son to mimic a jackass….

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