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… grab me by the shoulders and shake some sense into me. LVGurl, a web designer YOU. ARE. NOT. I’m sporting some hot BlogHer ads. See? Over there? ——> Once I figure out this new template, the ads will reside under a header aptly named “Need More Gin.” With said BlogHer ads in place, I […]

While I sorta, but not really, pack for a quick trip to LA this weekend, I thought I’d post a short list of my favorite teen starts growing up. I was inspired by VH1’s Top 100 Greatest Teen Stars rerun that I watched the other night. If you missed it, never fear, VH1 will air […]



Today was Makenna’s first day of preschool. A year ago, I scoffed at the notion of her starting preschool at three years of age. But a few things changed my mind, and prompted me to enroll her this school year: 1) Locally, preschools have competitive enrollment (I have to get her in now, so she […]

Yesterday afternoon, Andrew arrived home early and sent me away for a little down time. I headed straight for Banana Republic, because I’m in the process of gradually updating my wardrobe from fall 2003. One doesn’t realize how styles drastically change in four years, until you’ve been pregnant on and off. (And by the way, […]

O Canada!


A few days ago, Canadian money appeared in my wallet. Five whole Canadian cents. When I lived in Oregon and Washington, much closer to the border, Canadian coins were almost always in circulation along with US currency. Now that I live in the southwest, it was quite a surprise to see Queen Elizabeth staring at […]

This is our oldest daughter Makenna: She is our little goofball. She has been a goofball since birth. Makenna is at once shy, but very thoughtful and smart. She is reserved, but once she feels comfortable, she is quite silly. She has an iron will. Most people who meet Makenna use the same word to […]

Lately, I feel like I’ve heard more bad news than usual. I’m tired of death, disease, and disorders. I ask one thing of you, my faithful commenters. Can you leave a comment telling me about one happy thing? It can be your own good news, a brief anecdote, something sweet your child said, a corny […]