A lovely day…


…where the grass is always greener, and the desert is always browner.

(A disjointed narrative about my southern migration on a quest for sunshine and happiness.)

I woke up this morning to rain! RAIN! I can’t remember the last time it rained here. I was thrilled. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Vegas gets an average of 4.5 inches of rain a year. That isn’t much, peeps.

During days like this, I miss living where it rains. Er, hmmm, I take that back. I miss living where there are changes in weather. Everything in Vegas is extreme, and the weather is no exception. It’s very cold during the winter, and then BAM, it’s hot in the summer. There are only a couple weeks of spring-type weather, and the same goes for fall. From one extreme to the other.

And it’s always sunny.

Which I like. Most of the time.

I’m very affected by weather. In my adult life, weather has dictated where I live.

I spent the first 13 years of my life in Portland, Oregon. I knew the weather sucked, but I didn’t know any different. My family moved to Northern California, where I attended middle school and high school — and LOVED it. I adored living in California.

Then I moved to Seattle, Washington for college. I thought, Hmmm whatever, I’m an Oregon girl… I’ll get used to the weather. Ummmm, not so much. Spoiled by 300 sunny days a year in the East Bay, I thought I was going to croak my first two months back in the Northwest. I felt like the clouds would reach down and strangle me. I felt depressed. I hadn’t felt that down since, oh, I lived in Portland as a kid.

Seattle could possibly be the most hip, cool, beautiful place on earth. (Okay, okay, sorry… in the United States.) I enjoyed all the cute, diverse neighborhoods, the culture, the mountains, the water, the big city. It’s unfortunate that I have such a hang-up with weather, because Seattle is such a cool place to live. But I had to get the hell back to California.

After I graduated and worked for a year, I moved my ass back to the Bay Area. Hallelluia and pass the traffic. You can read a brief description about my post-college life in California (read: my life ruled by work) here.

Within a couple weeks of settling back into California life, I realized that I was happier than I had been since I left for college. I knew it had much to do with the climate, and waking up to a real sunrise… as opposed to the cloud cover getting brighter. The problem with the beautiful Bay Area is… the crushing weight of the cost of living. Andrew and I married, and we knew we had to go elsewhere.

So this brings me back to Vegas.

Andrew and I moved here to escape the Bay Area choke-hold and to afford a better existence for ourselves and our future children. We achieved just that. But on days like these — when it finally rains, the air smells damp, and a blanket of clouds cover the sky — I realize that the 350 sunny days and blazing summer heat can feel just as oppressive as the Northwest drearies.

The grass is always greener, the desert is always browner. Is there really a perfect place to live?

11 Responses to “A lovely day…”

  1. I am not sure I have THE answer for you, but I can relate to your weather journey and piece of mind.

    My journey is more of a, to be humid, or not to be, that is the question!, quest than anything.

    The only thing wrong with living in low humidity area is, you have to pay for your moisturizer yourself. It ain’t free.

  2. i know what you mean about the sky choking you. i felt like that all winter! the upswing is how lush and green it is here…and that it is one of THE coolest, hippest towns in America. word to that!

    i am not a heat girl. . . but i desperately miss the sunny beach days of CA. i can’t wait to go there next week!

  3. 3 Jill

    I was glad for the rain, alas I didn’t get to enjoy it much because I got in my car and drove out of town. Hopefully it continues for a few days because any help my citrus trees on the patio can get will help. I know the hubby will forget to water them while I’m gone this week!

  4. 4 jane

    I like Martha’s Vineyard and Boston- a lot. Except for the snow. I like Florida weather and the beach but can’t stand the continuity of the weather. No seasonal changes. that sucks.

  5. 5 ie

    Yeah the rain is awesome (yay! finally!) but this mugginess has got to stop. I never wanted to live in the south or east because of the humidity, and so now we have our very own, right here in LV. How lovely… 😦

    I was born in Southern CA and lived in Tacoma WA for 10 years. I didn’t realize (or maybe I did) just how depressing all that rain and gloominess is. I was glad to head back to Southern CA, but now I’m here in the land of eternal sunshine. Go t-storms!

  6. 6 Kami

    Great question? Right now I am thinking New Zealand sounds fine… I like variation but where I live – Western Canada – it’s too extreme for me. Right now it’s 100 degrees with humidity like I’ve never experienced… makes me wish for winter… almost πŸ™‚

    I think you nailed it with the grass is always greener!

    Thanks for stopping by my site πŸ™‚

  7. I hope I never have to live where there is 300 days of sunshine. I would hate to find out that I don’t want to be around the sunshine. I just love it too much right now. But, I will also admit that I love the changing seasons, if only Fall, Winter and Spring were so much shorter than they are, all would be well with the world.

  8. I love it here in the Okanagan. Exceot for winter. I hate winter. I think the perfect situation would be to have homes in many climates, but WHO AHAS THE CASH FOR THAT?

    Not me πŸ™‚

  9. 9 Nila

    I live in AZ, and by September, I’m so sick of blue skies and sunshine. Give me some big ol’ rain clouds and I’m a happy girl. Like this week. It’s been great.

  10. I agree with Angella! If I could escape the summer months here it would be perfect.

    I don’t mind the weather in Las Vegas 9 months out of the year. To be fair, we get more than a few weeks of spring/fall weather. I think at least 8 months are under 85 degrees, which is pretty bearable. And after living in Alaska, I wouldn’t call a month of freezing weather very cold! πŸ™‚

    Nonetheless… I don’t think there is a perfect place to live, unless it involves multiple locations!

  11. 11 KT

    San Francisco has been a frozen tundra fo the past week… I wake up to the beloved Marine Layer everyday. It subsides while I am at work, then comes back in at night when I get home. My hair has never been so BIG… I can’t wait for September…

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