Happy birthday, my sweet


July 15, 2006 at 11:50pm, Paige Malia came screaming into this world.

“You’re the one that wanted to get out early!” I told her beet red face.

My heart sang as her grouchy cries filled the air. She’s crying. There is noise. Thank GOD, oh thank you God.

Twenty-three months earlier, her sister Makenna emerged with only a scared look on her face, refusing to breathe. After I gave her three kisses on her left cheek, Makenna was whisked away to spend her first 14 hours of life in the NICU.

But Paige, she gave us a wonderful gift. Blowing 9/10 Apgars, this c-section baby won herself a ride in her mother’s arms.


She didn’t have to spend a minute in the special care nursery. From the moment she was born, after all fingers and toes here accounted for and vital signs assured, she stayed with us. I was able to nurse her within 30 minutes of her birth. I never thought that would be possible, given a repeat c-section.

Paige, you may be our second born, but the blessing of your life will never be second place. I love you as deeply as I love your sister. You are a beautiful little soul. Everyday, I am so thankful you were sent to us.


11 Responses to “Happy birthday, my sweet”

  1. One-year-old birthday cake pictures are the best.

  2. so sweet.

    what a lovely note to Miss B.

    Congrats to you mom on two over the age of 1 year old!!! 😀

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She is a doll 🙂

  4. 4 Kami

    Beautiful post, brought tears to my eyes! Happy Birthday to you little darling 🙂


  6. Aww… how sweet! Her party was great, by the way.

  7. Happy Birthday, Paige (love her name!). She is so animated. 🙂

  8. Happy Belated Birthday to Paige. What a beautiful birth story and such a beautiful little girl. Wishing you a second year full of many smiles just like the one in the photo.


    what a beautiful little girl!!!

    doesn’t it seem like quite an accomplishment to make it to the first year? without totally breaking down?

    i can’t believe you raised these two beauties and went to grad school! you have it waaay together for me!

  10. 10 Neil

    Happy Birthday, Paige!

  11. Happy birthday, sweet girl!

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