Amateur blogger hour: a meeting of the minds


I spent a loaftastic weekend with old friend Little Miss Mel. Per my previous entry, she flew in from the neighboring state of California to spend some quality time with the LVGurl brood and all my LVGurlness. We didn’t tear up the town; we’ve done that in the past. And really, I’ve lived here too long and been sick on too many Red Bull and vodkas to go balls-out crazy. It might not have been too exciting a weekend to most, but for us, we were throwing seven different kinds of smoke. Let me count the ways…

#1 – Talking. Discussions. Analysis. Storytelling. Insightful banter. That’s what Mel and I are good at. And we did all of that, and a lot of it.

#2 – Loafing. And watching more reruns of America’s Next Top Model than should be permissible for two grown women over the age of 30. Here is a highly skilled drawing of how Mel and I spent Saturday:


#3 – Have I mentioned that I love TAO at the Venetian? Well I do. Mel and I ate a yummy dinner there Saturday night, on the mezzanine, next to the 20-foot Buddha. Wearing our “I’m with Stupid” t-shirts, we forgot to bring a damn camera. You know, it was only our every-couple-of-years night out together, sans kids, sans pregnancy, we didn’t want to commemorate it in photo or anything. I would draw a picture for you… but, I think you’d rather see a real picture of us before we left:


#4 – Pedicures. That should be #2, actually. We went out and enjoyed pedicures before the loafing commenced.

#5 – Hanging out with crazy people. Andrew’s longtime friend Matt was hanging out at our house when Mel and I arrived home after dinner. Andrew has known Matt since college, and by extension, I’ve known Matt for almost that long. He’s a great guy, if not a little frenetic and downright kooky at times. Mel and I endured a couple protracted Matt stories, then we all ended up combing YouTube for various favorite videos. I made everyone watch one of my current faves (since last December)… take a look inside, it’s my Dick in a Box.

#6 – Our own little BlogHer, for amateurs. Sunday evening, after another lengthy day laying on the coach watching golf and tennis (her, not me…I worked on a crossword), we met up with 180/360 at a cool little wine bar. What was expected to be a glass of wine within 45 minutes, turned into six glasses between us and three-hours of chitter-chatter. It wasn’t complete until all three of us worried our husbands,“Where are you? Are you okay?” It was nice to acquaint Mel with my best friend here in Vegas, to see them hit it off. And guess what, I managed to lug my big fat SLR along too! Here we are:


#7 – Hmm. What should I talk about next, Mel? It’s a toss up between me cooking dinner at 9:45 at night (due to the lengthy rookie BlogHer convention at the wine bar):


OR, the heart attack drive to the airport for Mel’s return flight home. I was nearly convinced that Mel wasn’t going to make her flight. Oh, I was so happy to hear she made it!

All in all, it was a great visit. So what if we didn’t go out all night drinking and dancing and me trying to show my boobs to people. Mel and I had a chance to relax together and hash out all kinds of stuff. To enjoy each other’s company. To let her spend some time with my chicks. To reaffirm our friendship.

Miss you, Wizzbiff.

9 Responses to “Amateur blogger hour: a meeting of the minds”

  1. Sounds like the perfect and well deserved weekend together. I love that you guys hung out a lot and got all caught up. You all look wonderful in the photos and I am only slightly jealous of that big honkin’ glass of wine.

  2. Well said sistah!

    Now, what the hell am I going to write about? hehe.

    The drawing is my favorite! I dig that you added layers to my hair. Otherwise, I would have been confused. 😉

    Hopefully, it won’t take us a freakin year to get back together!


  3. sounds like a perfect weekend. who needs debauchery? besides, 6 glasses of wine is nothing to be ashamed of! 😉

    Hoowee, I’d be a champ if I could do that! I should clarify, 6 glasses total between us…not each! 😉

  4. That was so much fun! But just to clarify- we didn’t each have 6 glasses of wine. Otherwise, our “conference” would’ve gone to a whole other level!

    You two look so pretty in your pre-Tao pic, except it looks like blood is oozing from your lip. hehe 😉

    Great, thanks for pointing that out. THAT’S why I need to learn Photoshop!

  5. Sounds like a perfect weekend!

  6. Um, that first photo makes me look like a mother… Dude, I have more style than that. Can we crop it or zoom in? Please, please???

  7. sounds like it was fun and a moment dining without children. priceless!

  8. I have bestowed an award upon you, oh Queen of LV 🙂

  9. Look at you hotties! Sounds like it was a great weekend. 🙂 Also, because it can’t be said enough: Mmm, Tao.

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