A whole lotta nuttin’


Wow! Look! It’s another entry in my pathetically sparse blog!

I am so distracted with life, I haven’t the ability to complete an entire thought. Instead, I offer you tidbits from my tiny pea brain.

Cuarenta Anos

This week I am preparing a 40th anniversary party for my parents (yes! 40 years!) while keeping my chittlins occupied. Not an easy feat. I will devote a post to the parentals early next week.

One hundred billion bottles, washed up on the shore

180/360 and I (along with the husbands) went to see The Police last Friday. I really enjoyed the show, I thought they sounded great! Even if the show was a complete train wreck, well shit, I SAW THE POLICE! For an 80’s kid who loved music growing up, that’s a big freakin’ deal. And Sting? Um, wow.

One minor distraction during the show was the fact that 180/360 and I hadn’t seen each other in a whole month. She had been traveling extensively, so there was much discuss. During the slow jams, she and I would scream conversation into each others’ ears.

And, there were these ho-bags sitting in front of us that were constantly annoyed that our drinks were dripping little drops of condensed water on their backs. One girl would do the whole passive-aggressive, turn your head to the side but not say anything maneuver to let us know that we were really pissing her off. So what did I do? I would dip my finger in my melted ice and flick more droplets of water on her, just for kicks. Why? ‘Cuz I’m mature like that. Bitch would swivel her head around to look at me — I had already dropped my drink on the ground — as I held up my palms, so puzzled, asking, “WHAT!?!?”

Me Talk Pretty

After my lovely trip to DC Last April, Erin loaded me up with plenty of reading material. She’s a one-woman library, I tell you. But for books, I sadly have no time. Monday I decided to make a dent in the book collection, and took on my favorite author of the moment, David Sedaris, and I began reading Me Talk Pretty One Day. I can handle a little Sedaris, because he makes me laugh AND he writes short stories and essays… perfect for little to no free reading time. Holy smokes, the man is a genius. All week, I have kept the book close to me. Any moment I have, I open up the darn thing, cram in a little reading, and dab away a tear.

And that’s a wrap! Sorry, it’s all I can muster… 😦


6 Responses to “A whole lotta nuttin’”

  1. if you ever get the chance to see sedaris live, DO IT. best night ever.

  2. Hey, that was satisfying!

    I meant to ask you if you liked the show. Glad you had a great time acting your shoe size. πŸ˜‰ kidding. I would have done the same. Wish I was there!!!

    As for reading, I can’t even get into Nicholas Sparks right now. Clearly I am all a jumble.

  3. It would seem that a lot of people are too busy to get to blogging time (myself included). It is summer after all.

    Good luck planning your Parents 40th. The Police… so jealous. And do post more of your summer books to be read. I have just been searching for some good summer reads.

  4. 4 jane

    you cracked me up about the self service thing- one time the whore kept telling me the same thing and i turned around and asked how the hell am i supposed to put a case of diet coke in a freaking bag!!! PLEASE MAKE IT SHUT UP BEFORE I SHOVE these up her ass! (of course I said the shove these …. really low- only I could hear it) chicken shit- sometimes yes.

  5. 5 KT

    Ok I thought the Police rocked too! I saw them in Oaktown right after you came to visit. Sting sounded amazing! And his pants could not have been any tighter πŸ™‚ He did botch the words to Roxanne though… he sang the 1st verse twice! I mean, it pretty much is their anthem, not to mention… he wrote the damn song! I thought their ‘lasers’ were pretty cool too, except for the cheese-d*%k dinosaur bones during ‘walking in your footsteps’ I had the BEST time though. My faves of the night were ‘Walking on the Moon’, and ‘So Lonely’ (my sister and I used to call that one ‘Salami’)

  6. Ooh, I love me some Sedaris.

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