I wish this was available last July


This birth announcement would have been perfect to announce Paige’s arrival. I mean, anyone who spoke with me during Paige’s first six months knows exactly what I’m talking about.  Too bad this announcement didn’t exist back then.




* credit: tinyprints.com, image obtained at http://www.tinyprints.com/ProductView_1725.htm


5 Responses to “I wish this was available last July”

  1. SO cute! I would have used one like that too. Except it’s the BOYS who are loud 🙂

  2. ah haaaaaa. That is so Paige. And so Miss M too.

    If you only had more time to devote to “find the best birth announcement out there” while you are preparing/having your second child. 😉

    I think what you had was right on sister.

  3. 3 Lefty

    Because Paige’s name is really Gracie Anne Whitworth?

  4. Trully great design..

  5. That would’ve been perfect!

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