Because I can’t leave well enough alone


I’m screwing around with my template again. I just couldn’t get my old one to do what I wanted it to, so I switched. I made my selection based on which template looked the best with my collection of SAJ banners, and which had the simplest CSS for me to customize given my pathetic coding abilities.

Speaking of the Secret Agent, she selected her May winner! That means that her hyperlink to moi is no longer there, and my site traffic is back to about three page loads a day. While I weep for the loss of increased traffic, I say HELLO and THANK YOU FOR COMING BACK to my new readers who found me via SAJ.

Banner #2 is up!  I love this one because it features a fabulous caricature of my girls.  SAJ nailed it, she captured their overall look and expressions… it amazes me.  I also smile because they sort of look like baby Marilyn Monroe and Liza Minnelli (‘Cabaret’ Liza, not right now Liza).

Anyway, back to this new template. I like this one. However, if anyone knows how to make the body wider (like, moving that divider thingy to the right?) please clue me in.


12 Responses to “Because I can’t leave well enough alone”

  1. I love the new banner. It’s awesome!

  2. I heart it!!

    I like the tiger print too. Brings out the wild side in your eyes. 🙂

  3. 3 Greg

    Yeah, it looks good! It’s about time I got a new template myself…

  4. 4 Lefty

    “if anyone knows how to make the body wider”

    Eat a lot of french fries, drink a lot of beer, and sit around on the couch all day watching TV.

    Ahh Lefty, I knew I had written something that would fall prey to your keen eye. Although, I thought for sure it would be the “I’m screwing around with my template…” statement.” ~LV

  5. 5 Amanda

    I like the new look. SAJ rocks the blogosphere and helps us html dummies have cool looking sites! I found you via Angella, so I’m sticking around. 🙂 I enjoy your writing and photos.

  6. I love the new look and new header.

    I found your blog from SAJ ;p


  7. Oooh, love the new banner and overall look! It’s good to change and mix it up 🙂

    see you soon lv mamma!

    (mimmo and i are at the airport hotel right now…woo hoo…going back to cali domani!)

  8. Another great banner from SAJ! I don’t know if I came here through her or through another reader, but I love stopping by, will continue to come and visit.

  9. Sweet banner!! And I love the new template – lookin’ good, girl!

  10. looks good, mama!

  11. 11 jane

    oh fooie- that means I didn’t win. Crap. I have a craptastic look and thanks to my inabilities with the computer I can’t do crap with it. Oh well. I like your banner but…aren’t you a brunette! 🙂 lol.

  12. love the banner!

    SAJ is such a crafty gal.

    pageloads? they disappeared months ago.

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