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Now that I have graduated, I am feeling the itch to go back to work. This is tough on me, because I really am proud that I can stay home with my children. I feel bad that I sometimes daydream of going to work, while I have the cherished opportunity to be with my girls […]

Wow! Look! It’s another entry in my pathetically sparse blog! I am so distracted with life, I haven’t the ability to complete an entire thought. Instead, I offer you tidbits from my tiny pea brain. Cuarenta Anos This week I am preparing a 40th anniversary party for my parents (yes! 40 years!) while keeping my […]

My buns have been whipped several times in the past five days. Let me count the ways. 1. Is it possible that I didn’t actually major in English? I took a marathon of exams last Saturday. The exams were part of a series that is necessary for me to add an endorsement to my teaching […]

This birth announcement would have been perfect to announce Paige’s arrival. I mean, anyone who spoke with me during Paige’s first six months knows exactly what I’m talking about.  Too bad this announcement didn’t exist back then.     * credit:, image obtained at

Cool chick Sizzle was tagged for this meme, which she posted a few days ago…and now I’m tagging myself for it! I’ll post the rules, even though I probably won’t tag anyone. Too lazy. But if you’re inclined to play along, please let me know! The rules: 1. Add a direct link to your post […]