More random weirdness


Dear friend Miss Mel tagged me for this meme. I am totally late in posting it because I had to actually think about it. Thinking — it’s a challenge these days. Lordy knows that I barely have time to fold laundry anymore.

Here are the rules that I have followed… Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those tagged need to write in their blogs the 7 facts, as well as the rules of the game.

You need to tag seven others and list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and to read your blog. BUT. Since Mel tagged most of the people I would have tagged (because we share readership, for the most part) I will not be tagging anyone. And that’s fine with me. That will keep me from obsessively checking my Bloglines to see if my tagged bloggers were nice enough to play along.

So it goes…

1. I have been in the presence of the second wealthiest man in the country (at that time, in 1999). He was the CEO (still is) of the high tech company where I worked in PR. He said hi to me in the elevator. I stood frozen and barely peeped out “Hi.” His presence was astounding. It was like standing with Elvis.

2. Growing up in Oregon, we had these plump fuzzy bees that buzzed around everywhere. Sometimes when one would land in our backyard, I (at age 10 or 11) would decide to pour Turtle Wax on it. Once it was good and hard, I would place the poor bee soul in some aluminum foil filled with Grand Marnier and light it on fire. I only did this a few times, really, but then my dad witnessed the whole spectacle. He quietly peeked out his head from the back door, and calmly said, “That’s how Hitler got started.” I abruptly ended my reign of terror.

3. If I could, I would eat Lucky Charms for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

4. I love brown eyes. I only list this as “random” because it seems like everyone I know prefers blue eyes. I think brown eyes are lovely. I wanted to have brown eyes when I was younger.

5. I always thought I’d have four or five kids. Being a “lonely only” does that to a person, in some cases. I now have two, and I think we’re done.

6. Never, ever, have I been able to run long distances. Even in junior high, when I was on the track team and they placed me on the 800 meter run, because nobody wanted to run it. Great, stick the shitty runner there! I trained and trained, but I still sucked at running. It was really embarrassing because all my friends were turbo athletes. And me, I was usually in last place by 30 seconds.

7. I want some Big League Chew right now. Grape.

If you want to read more weird things about me, another six of them are listed here.

8 Responses to “More random weirdness”

  1. woo hoo and thank you! now I don’t have to check google reader 30 more times today. HA! 😉 nice randoms.

    poor bees. you pyro

  2. Big League Chew! Brings me back… 🙂

  3. 3 Lefty

    Re: bees

    What a waste of good Grand Marnier! Also, not to dis your dad or anything, but I DON’T think Hitler got started by pouring Turtle Wax on bees and lighting them on fire. (VERY creative, though, by the way.)

    Re: eyes

    I prefer brown eyes, too. Mine are blue.

  4. Lucky Charms have become a staple in our house. There is always a bowl on the go with someone.

    Brown eyes are gorgeous, very mysterious.

    Love number one too, I have talked to a couple in my life, but only found out later how truly rich they really were.

  5. 5 jane

    I so loved your dad’s comment!! That was priceless- I did that once with a different animal I only did that once and I can’t even remember how old I was…and now I’ll get some flack for it i’m sure.

  6. i have shit brown eyes therefore, i’m not so happy about them.

    lucky charms…. reminds me of college. soaked in beer. totally poor and totally happy.

    i’m an only as well. thinking two is about it for me though, i would like one more. one more with a prozac prescription.

    a totally random fact about me:
    i have a big velvet elvis with a tear painting hanging in my garage.

    Velvet Elvis painting? OUTSTANDING!

  7. I think I knew all of those, except for the brown eyes bit. Miss you!!!!!

  8. Your dad is HILARIOUS. Also? Mmm, Big League Chew. Do you still remember the jingle from the old commercial? Because, strangely, I do.

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