I *heart* StatCounter


Us bloggers, we all love StatCounter, right? We also love to see what strange Google searches lead unsuspecting Googlers to our humble little pieces of intellectual property.

I haven’t had too many strange Google searches, but I already know this one will top my future Google search hall of fame:

“hot pictures of chicks blowing coke”

When landing at “LVGurl,” said Googler must have been psyched. Las Vegas strippers snorting lines off other strippers’ asses! Hells yeah!

What he (or she) found was this post, which met his (or her) search criteria for HOT, CHICKS, and BLOW. (**I can’t wait to see what Google searches find me now**) I never would have thought that sweet little ‘Nenna and her burning monkey’s nose would fall into such a naughty, naughty Google search.

So, over the weekend, I got spotted this — “how to hair bang poof” — and that led to my prom anthology. Not quite as funny, but really… what the heck are people looking for?


2 Responses to “I *heart* StatCounter”

  1. My favorite one so far is: Salma Hayek tits “tourists”

    WTF? Are her tits tourists? Hmm…

  2. 2 Lefty

    I can’t wait to see those pics of strippers snorting coke off other strippers’ asses!

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