Prom Retrospective, Final Edition


I’m so bored of myself and my prom pictures, I hurt.

So I will post the final two with shorter commentary.  That way, tomorrow, I can move on to all the other horrendously interesting things that are flowing through my mind.

Senior Prom in another city, May 1991

Yes!  I loved that white dress, oh yes I did.  Amanda at KickyBoots pointed out how awesome my white nylons were.  Indeed, that was an extra special touch I added.  White on white on white.  The Mayan gods would be pleased to have me as their sacrificial maiden, ensuring rains and good harvests.

My date here is my friend/long distance sorta-but-not-really boyfriend Chris.  He lived in Santa Monica, CA, and I met him during a high school program through the YMCA.  My parents ACTUALLY let me fly to L.A. for a prom!  My parents who wouldn’t let me stay out past 10pm, who watched me like a hawk.  I flew down with my friend Kristin, who went to the prom with her boyfriend.  Oh, I was crazy about Chris.  I thought I would marry him, you know, because when you’re 17 you totally know those things.  Look at me, gazing up at the ceiling.  I’m totally dreaming of what I’d name our children.

The following year, I moved on and went to Senior Ball with my good buddy Judah:

Senior Ball, May 1992


There isn’t much more to say.  Judah and I had a fantabulous time at this dance.  He was the best date ever.  My dress doesn’t make me want to run off into the hills and hide, although the lace overlay cheesiness screams Jessica McClintock.  And I still thought those Jan Brady curls were cool.  But overall, I’m happy with this shot.  But dude, I miss my youth sometimes.

Judah and I had a chance to recreate this pose at our 10 year reunion:

Judah kicks ass.  He’s a comedy writer in L.A. and married to a Tony-award winning actress.  It’s really weird to be leafing through a gossip mag while getting a pedicure, and seeing your old prom date and his fiancee in promo shots.  Cool and interesting things couldn’t happen to a better guy.

7 Responses to “Prom Retrospective, Final Edition”

  1. 1 jane

    so yeah ok you dated all the hot guys i see (at least the top one Chris is really hot or maybe I just have a thing for Chris’s)…Good golly, girl, you gorgeous thing!!

  2. the best part is you found the tanning salon btwn 91 and 92.

    Dude, you look way hot 10 years later. I guess you are like a fine wine, you age really well! 🙂

    Awe, thanks e!! I needed to hear that. And no, that tan was not produced in tanning beds; that was pure, 100% baking in the sun. I think I’m seeing the aftermath now…

  3. 3 KT

    Hey! Thats my shirt! 🙂

    You couldn’t have me looking like a schmuck at our reunion! The KT wardrobe is vital.

  4. I can’t figure out why you recreated the pose at your 10 year reunion????

    The cheesiness of prom picture poses was a running joke for us.

    PS. I had a white dress, with white nylons and white shoes, for my junior prom, too. And for senior prom I had a short, black, velvet dress with white lace over the top. 🙂

    I knew our bond ran deep! 😉

  5. You had so many proms/formals! All we had was grad 🙂

  6. I just can’t believe you have all of these photos tucked away safely in order to share with us. I have no idea where mine are, mostly because I didn’t get a shot without my then boyfriend. And quite frankly I don’t like to be reminded of how stupid I was to waste 6 years with the guy.

    As 1990’s as your fashions are, I think you look pretty good. You could have been way crazier with the hair and stylin’.

  7. Damn, girl, you are HOT! Very cool. I never went to my proms. 😦

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