Prom Retrospective, Day 4


Oh, I’m not done yet! Some of you (Jane) might be wondering why I attended so many damn formals. The first answer is, well, our high school had a bunch of formal dances. The second answer is that I had a lot of guy friends, and I was nice, so I guess I was a safe bet for a date. The third is that I put out… A LOT. I kid, I kid! I was such a good girl, it wasn’t even funny. Here’s proof…installment #4:

Senior Ball, May 1991

Now I ask, would a naughty girl wear all white to a dance? My date here is my not-boyfriend Dave. Poor Dave. I’ll elaborate about him later.

Overall appearance and execution

Why am I wearing all white? Shit, everything on me is white. Was I preparing to be thrown into a volcano as a virgin sacrifice? My hair is truly ridiculous. If I recall, my hairdresser did a really crappy job on my hair; I drove home, jumped in the shower to rewash my hair, hot rollered the hell out of it, and pulled it up into this snazzy little number. The Jan Brady sideburn curls are a klassy touch. One other thing to bring up…that background. It was May, not New Year’s Eve. I cropped a good deal of the picture out, so what you’re missing are the 500 black, white, and silver balloons and more of the preschool arts & crafts dangly thingies hanging from the ceiling.

The story behind the picture

I think by this point that I had broken up with Dave three times. We were definitely not “going out” as of his prom, and I don’t believe we ever got back together after this. I was nice, and I didn’t want to keep hurting the guy, so I would make concessions (like going to his prom) to make him happy. Um, hello codependent people pleaser?! But my annoyance with the entire situation caused me to be sorta mean to him, which in turn hurt his feelings. I had an okay time here, but I wasn’t totally psyched to be at this event. It was just awkward. Can you read my body language in this picture?

Anyway, Dave turned out just fine. He’s an actor in L.A. (last I Googled) and he’s doing a bunch of independent films.

You’ll see this dress again, in tomorrow’s installment.


7 Responses to “Prom Retrospective, Day 4”

  1. the bangs are my favorite part.
    actually, the white hose and shoes are killer too. 🙂
    of course, I can say all this cause I haven’t posted my party pics. hehe

    Go Dave!!

  2. I love the sausage bangs 🙂

  3. 3 sizzle

    all white! fancy. 😉

    i’ve been remiss in coming to the new site since i had forgotten to update my feed. it’s all fixed now and i shall not let so much time pass without putting my two cents in.

  4. Remind me to look at the position of your legs next time I take photos of you! 🙂

    Rockin’ it toe to heel. Word.

  5. 5 Amanda

    Love the nylons!

  6. 6 KT

    I’m sorry… but is Dave wearing WHITE GLOVES with his tux? That is so RAD!

    He is! And I recall that he was quite proud of the gloves.

  7. 7 Meghan

    You are one brave gurl posting this virgin nightmare! I’m kinda sad I didn’t know you back then. We could have shared hairspray!

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