Prom Retrospective, Day 3


I’m not done with you yet! There are still many days left in the week. Let’s proceed with installment #3:

Junior Prom, March 1991


Alas, a real prom!  Not some homecoming bullshit, but a prom!  The real deal!   This is my beloved friend Eric.  He was such a sweet guy with a great deal of fabulosity in his hair.

Overall appearance and execution

Speaking of hair…did I think looking like a 40-year-old house wife would be hot? What’s with the poof in my bangs?  I thought I gave up the poof in 9th grade?  And apparently I was still in love with those terrible gold hoops.  I believe this was the last formal they appeared in.  I remember being totally in love with that dress.  My mom ordered it for me out of a Victoria’s Secret catalog.  Back when you actually had to call to order something out of a catalog.  But really, could someone have politely clued me in that I was a tad pale?  Especially standing next to the tanned junior tennis star of Northern California?

The story behind the picture

Eric and I had several classes together on and off throughout high school.  We rarely talked, except one day when I had to go to the library and he was in there.  I proceeded to sit across from him and talk his ear off when he really needed to be working.  After that, we were friends.  That year, we had U.S. History together.  After class, we usually went separate directions to our next class.  But the day he asked me to prom, he followed me to my locker, and with a quivering voice asked, “Marci, will you go to prom with me?”  “YEAH!” I answered.  “OKAY!” he said, and he bolted off down the hall as I stood there puzzled.   That story still makes me smile.

We had a great time at that prom, and we were inseparable friends the rest of that school year and summer.  Clue #2 that it was better to go to a prom with a friend.

5 Responses to “Prom Retrospective, Day 3”

  1. 1 ehtkpk

    PLEASE tell me our fabulous “DA” picture will make an appearance in here somewhere. Imagine the rich commentary…

  2. 2 KT

    Ok… this prom installment is hillarious! I am surprised that you were pale… especially when you think about how many hours we spent baking in the sun with our Bain de Soleil spray oil – No SPF there!

  3. 3 180/360

    You have hardly aged since 91! It looks just like you now, sans the pulled back hair. Personally, I love your pale skin. It beats my 90’s, Fergie fake-ass tan any day of the week.

    All we could do was order from catalogs up in AK, so I totally remember that dress! I think it came in green, too!

  4. dude, I have just been able to see all the photos from the past three posts. damn computer…..

    I am quite impressed. You look decent within your 90’s gear. I didn’t come out as well.

    Rock on gold hoop earrings. Rock on. If you are not wearing them the next time I see you, I will be so disappointed.

    p.s. Good taste in little men. ha.

  5. 5 jane

    Oh my God girl- you’re giving me a complex! Did I already say I didn’t go to one prom or anything at school? Well I was one of those who couldn’t stand the cheerleaders…served me right…but they were all so damn peppy all the time.

    Are implying that I was a cheerleader??

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