Hello, and welcome!


I did it! LVGurl is officially its own domain, with fancypants hosting and WordPress.

This template still needs a great deal of customizing…gawd, I’m such a rookie…

…but I think I fumbled through enough of the code to make it worthy of my new banner art! Look at my banner! Isn’t it fabulous?

I am the proud recipient of Secret Agent Josephine‘s free banner art for the month of April. She did such a great job designing the banners, and I have a few more to show off in the coming months. Check out SAJ’s site for more info, she makes a selection each month for a free design. She’s tres cool, and her work is so clever. THANKS SAJ!!

I’d also like to thank Angella at DutchBlitz who kindly answered my myriad of WordPress questions over the past week. THANK YOU!

Wow, this is turning into my own little Oscar speech. Sheesh LVGurl, it’s just a blog with 10 readers…

So, to my blog friends from my olden days at Blogger… welcome! And for anyone who is reading my shizz for the first time, enjoy your stay and visit again soon.

11 Responses to “Hello, and welcome!”

  1. 1 180/360

    Looks fantastico, my friend. Great job! I can’t wait for your help when I get clever enough to get a real blog. 🙂

  2. Hi LVGurl, just stopped by via SAJ’s blog. Had to check out your awesome new banner :). Doesn’t SAJ rock?

    Congrats on making the move, I will be doing it this summer too. Love the blog will be stopping by again!

  3. Love it! Way to go!!!

    Dammit, this is making me want to move. Rats. Must get new computer before I do anything.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. i would totally like to move out and get my own place but, i’m too afraid i won’t be able to make it alone.

    basically, i don’t have a clue about code and html…..

    love the new digs!

  5. 5 sizzle

    yay! great job. 🙂 welcome to wordpress. it rocks, like you!

  6. 6 Angella

    It looks awesome! And glad I could help, though I’m a rookie too 🙂

  7. 7 Amanda

    The new site looks awesome! Angella was my savior too when I made the switch to WordPress. She rocks, as does this blog!

  8. 8 jane

    Looks Fantastico!! although I’m disappointed you didn’t spell it LOS Vegas! LOL

    Children of MEn? my advice, make sure you have something to do while watching this movie- it was distrubing, boring, and just bad!! but that’s me of course 😉

  9. Congrats on your new digs! Looks great!

  10. 10 jane

    sorry i just realized 180/360 also said fantastico- truly I was not meaning to copy her- spanish is my first language after all so here’s your new word


  11. Jane-
    No worries! Mine was an Italian fantastico. 🙂

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