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I have four blog entries in draft form, awaiting finishing touches and eventual posting. Unfortunately for me, I am waist deep in potty training Makenna, and it’s not pretty. In fact, it is about as far from pretty as you can get. ***Warning! The following post includes numerous references to POOP and POTTY!*** Makenna pees […]

Dear friend Miss Mel tagged me for this meme. I am totally late in posting it because I had to actually think about it. Thinking — it’s a challenge these days. Lordy knows that I barely have time to fold laundry anymore. Here are the rules that I have followed… Each person tagged gives 7 […]

Us bloggers, we all love StatCounter, right? We also love to see what strange Google searches lead unsuspecting Googlers to our humble little pieces of intellectual property. I haven’t had too many strange Google searches, but I already know this one will top my future Google search hall of fame: “hot pictures of chicks blowing […]

In all the craziness that is my life with two kids, I kinda sorta forgot to announce that I graduated on May 12th!! YAR!! (I’m throwing horns right now, with my mouth agape and tongue touching my chin, in case you needed a visual.) Yes, THE PAPER passed muster and the faculty allowed me to […]

Yesterday evening, we joined our down-the-street friends at a local farmers’ market and a mini kids’ fair. Makenna was quite overwhelmed by all the goings-on, and held onto me very tightly. Off yonder was a small death trap inflatable bounce house, and Makenna was intrigued enough by it that she peeked her head up to […]

I’m so bored of myself and my prom pictures, I hurt. So I will post the final two with shorter commentary.  That way, tomorrow, I can move on to all the other horrendously interesting things that are flowing through my mind. Senior Prom in another city, May 1991 Yes!  I loved that white dress, oh […]

Oh, I’m not done yet! Some of you (Jane) might be wondering why I attended so many damn formals. The first answer is, well, our high school had a bunch of formal dances. The second answer is that I had a lot of guy friends, and I was nice, so I guess I was a […]