As I metamorphose into DCGurl


LVGurl is headed East for a weekend of fun with her old friend Erin!

I will be hanging out in the greater-Washington D.C. area for three whole days! Alone!

This will be my first time a) visiting D.C.; b) meeting Erin’s five-month-old daughter Edie; and c) away from my family, by myself. I’m already feeling sad 😦 But girlfriend needs a breather.

Meanwhile, I’m alternating between packing and staring at what still I need to pack. My flight leaves this evening, so I have plenty of time to stare.

I will post a travelogue (complete with pictures) when I return. Until then, envy me, because I will be shaking my buns Saturday night to this:


7 Responses to “As I metamorphose into DCGurl”

  1. 1 metalia

    Have a great trip!

  2. 2 Sizzle

    that dance party looks like SO much fun. can’t wait to hear about your get away trip. 🙂

  3. 3 180/360

    Have fun! Dance it up for me, too.

  4. 4 Angella

    Have a great time!!

  5. 5 Angelisa

    Have fun! Tell Erin I said Ciao and I wish I could be dancing it up with the 2 of you just like the ‘ville days…

  6. 6 KT

    The Cure v. The Smiths Dance Party!!! I’m sure you will make Danville very proud!

  7. 7 Lefty

    That music combo sounds horrifying!

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