LVGurl’s house of horror


We have a pest problem in this house, namely, scorpions. You can read about it here.

This morning, I went to slip on my shoes, and I found this living under them:

Andrew believes this to be a millipede. I think it’s some gawd-awful scorpion-centipede hybrid sent to drive me out of my house. This picture, unfortunately, does not capture the hugeness of this beast. It was like four inches long and a quarter inch thick!

I look at this picture, heck, I just think about this creature, and I get a weird fluttering sensation in my tummy. Not first kiss flutters, or seeing your baby for the first time flutters. Flutters, as in heebie-jeebies. True horror, in fact. You should have heard my scream.


5 Responses to “LVGurl’s house of horror”

  1. 1 180/360

    Your phone is busy and I’m worried you’ve been eaten by that mutant nastiness that just made me throw up on myself. OMG! That is really scary. I don’t know what is going on at Chez B., but evolution of grossness is occuring somewhere nearby. Yikes. Call me!!!!!!!

  2. 2 Angella

    I’m feeling nauseous looking at that!!

  3. 3 little miss mel

    Good God woman, run, don’t walk to the nearest watering hole and start drinkin. That is just one nasty son of a bitch.

    Hope you get this issue fixed pronto

  4. 4 Jane is Dating

    that’s just gross…and here we were amused by a little red bug that looked like a spider but was so teeny we couldn’t figure out what the hell it was…when I moved here I read all about the bugs and freaked me out- I’m still afraid to find those freaky spiders around my house.

  5. 5 Lefty

    We used to have big centipedes like that in the last place we lived. When you chop them up, each segment runs around independently. One crawled over my bare feet once when I was sitting at my desk late at night.

    Try making friends with them. They enjoy hot chocolate.

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