Que fantastico!

Reality TV just won’t stop. Next up, a reality show to cast the NEW Menudo! Thank you MTV, for having a finger on the pulse of today’s teenagers.

But can you really replace these boys?

There is so much hotness happening in this picture, I can barely stand it.

Does anyone remember Menudo on ABC? They had these little vignettes during Saturday morning cartoons. It was all an attempt to infiltrate the American ‘tween scene. It worked.

When I wasn’t tearing out pictures of Duran Duran in TigerBeat, I was pouring over these guapos. I recall thinking the one on the left was particularly cute. Wasn’t his name Carlos? I didn’t think much of the wee Ricky Martin (on the right, in the smashing red pants). He just looked like a kid.

I wonder if El Menudo Nuevo will continue the great Menudo tradition, and expel each member once they turn 16?

5 Responses to “Que fantastico!”

  1. 1 180/360

    I’m afraid I don’t remember that show. I had limited television exposure as a child. 😦

    But it looks pretty hilarious…

  2. 2 Angella

    I had a Menudo RECORD. I’m SO OLD. Sigh.

  3. 3 gorillabuns

    do you remember when ricky was on general hospital?

    i do.

    i’m sooo horribly old!

  4. 4 Jane is Dating

    LOL Carlos is gay…sorry to say he is hot…growing up in PR my posters were of those chicos…and my brother in law sang with them during their reunion tour a few years back. I offered my first born to meet one of them I forget which one but I’m glad I ddin’t ’cause I forgot who it was!

  5. 5 Tracie B.

    we are SO obviously the same age. the 2 red headbands were definitely the cutest. i don’t even remember their music, but i remember their pics in teen beat, tiger beat, etc. and angela, who you callin old? πŸ˜‰

    duran duran! i was simon all the way. my sister and i recorded their hungry like the wolf video and would watch that scene over and over again where jon (duh, the bass player) gives that sweet/sad look to camera. poor roger though, got no love. and nick, whose fav colors were pink and grey influenced the color choice of my 4th grade backpack.

    you got somethin’ to say about that?

    i didn’t think so.

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