Snapshots of Easter

Easter was a hit this year for the girls. We made it all the way through Easter Mass, a little downtime when we returned home, and then off to our annual Easter brunch and egg hunt. Exhausting, but fun. Here are some pix from the day’s events:

Look at them share! Well, sort of. The girls are actually sitting still and looking happy for a picture.

Makenna is thrilled with her fresh crayons. Does it get any better than that? Sharp, virgin crayons, right out of the box.

It’s a jolly Easter trio!
Here we have Get-Me-Another-Drink Bunny, Methhead Squarepants, and Despondent Teenager.

Unimpressed with the entertainment, Paige continues teething.

Makenna surveys her egg hunt stash.

9 Responses to “Snapshots of Easter”

  1. 1 180/360

    Awww… the last of Makenna is the best!

  2. 2 180/360

    The photo with both girls- Makenna looks like she has a gi-normous foot on one side 🙂

  3. 3 LVGurl

    Yes, we outfitted her with clown shoes for Easter.

  4. 4 Lefty

    Mmm…virgin crayons.

  5. 5 Jane is Dating

    love the pics! 🙂 beautiful girls- love spongebob he looks like he’s ready for his next ‘hit’….lol

  6. 6 Jane is Dating

    ps thanks for the ‘you’d hang out with me comment’ that was sweet. My goal for this summer is to find some peeps. For sure.

  7. 7 little miss mel

    awe, sweet girls.
    Love them.
    Want more now.

  8. 8 gorillabuns

    awww… how sweet and pretty!

  9. 9 metalia

    The girls are gorgeous. Spongebob, however, will haunt my dreams.

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