Beauty in L.A.


Two weeks after Andrew and I visited the greater Los Angeles area for our anniversary, I thought I’d share some pictures from the highlight of the trip. Here are some shots of the lovely Huntington Botanical Gardens. I absolutely love this place; I love it even more now that we live in Vegas because the gardens offer the one thing we can’t get here: vegetation. Haha! Actually, there are a number of plant species that grow in our yard, but here, the plants are on steroids! Amazing what a little moisture in the air can do for growth.

This garden feels like a little slice of heaven. These pictures don’t do the gardens justice, partly because I’m not a skilled photographer, but mainly because these pictures were taken before I received a Nikon SLR for my b-day (YAR!!) Enjoy the pix!

At the entrance

If you look closely, you can see a bee

Andrew made me pose next to this tree (I look like a dork)

A canopy of wisteria in bloom

Japanese Teahouse (my favorite part!)

Blooms and bridge

Inside the teahouse

Crazy bamboo forest

A stream in the jungle garden


5 Responses to “Beauty in L.A.”

  1. 1 180/360

    Botanical Gardens are my favorite places to visit when I am on vacation. Your Wisteria looks awesome for Vegas.

    Good photos!

  2. 2 180/360

    PS. I see the peeps. Not the one I was thinking of but cute!

  3. 3 Jane is Dating

    Great pics! and I love the pic of you and hubs…tres cute! you’re adorable!

    Happy Easter!

  4. 4 Jane is Dating

    LOL your comment cracked me up- actually this is what he wrote- (I can’t believe I am keeping it)
    Happy Easter! I ‘m going 2 have my boys this afternon so I’m sorry I can’t get together later hope u have a great day!

    I dunno this is the part of dating I hate
    the waiting part, I hate this ‘what does he think of me’ part- i need a lobotomy.

  5. 5 aimee / greeblemonkey

    Hi! I came over from Sizzle… pretty photos! I just posted a gazillion nature/landscape shots myself, so it was fun to see someone else’s for a change!

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