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Who is this LVGurl, anyway? Mother of two. Wife of one. Staying at home with the kids while nurturing long term career goals. All the while suppressing superwoman tendencies. I dig email! Write me at marci (a t) lvgurl (d o t) com.

Okay, so I’ve been back since Monday night. I needed some time to get back into the swing of things, get my computer fixed (finally! Now I can read and comment on other Blogger blogs!) and fight off a random cold. The thought of writing this long post was rather daunting, too. ANYWAY, the trip […]

LVGurl is headed East for a weekend of fun with her old friend Erin! I will be hanging out in the greater-Washington D.C. area for three whole days! Alone! This will be my first time a) visiting D.C.; b) meeting Erin’s five-month-old daughter Edie; and c) away from my family, by myself. I’m already feeling […]

We have a pest problem in this house, namely, scorpions. You can read about it here. This morning, I went to slip on my shoes, and I found this living under them: Andrew believes this to be a millipede. I think it’s some gawd-awful scorpion-centipede hybrid sent to drive me out of my house. This […]

I have more interview questions to post! As mentioned before, Angella over at Dutch Blitz was kind enough to send me a batch of questions. Her site just underwent a makeover, banner art courtesy of Secret Agent Josephine. I think it looks smashing, and it makes me want to finally jump ship to WordPress. And […]

Que fantastico!


Reality TV just won’t stop. Next up, a reality show to cast the NEW Menudo! Thank you MTV, for having a finger on the pulse of today’s teenagers. But can you really replace these boys? There is so much hotness happening in this picture, I can barely stand it. Does anyone remember Menudo on ABC? […]