My noggin might explode


So look out!

I had a minor panic attack today over THE PAPER, but after talking to my ever-soothing husband and my armchair-psychologist Mel, I calmed-the-frick-down.

Since I’m in the home stretch to complete THE PAPER, I will be ducking out until Friday. I will catch up on your blogs at that time.

Later taters.


5 Responses to “My noggin might explode”

  1. 1 180/360

    I hope things are better now! You are nearly done. I’ll be waiting in the parking lot of UNLV with a Gin & Tonic after you turn that motherfucker in.

  2. 2 LVGurl

    Yes! Will Giles make the G&T? He makes the best. Super cold and extra fizzy.

    Feeling better? Yes.
    Totally behind? No.
    Still overwhelmed? Yes.

    I’m inching along to the finish line.

  3. 3 little miss mel

    I’ll make an on-site visit once the paper is concluded for some follow-up analysis. Make sure you have limes.

    Final thoughts: I think you are going to set the curve.

  4. 4 gorillabuns

    think of it this way, everyone will be doing their paper the night before. at least that is what i did in grad school. yours will ROCK!

  5. 5 LVGurl

    AWE!! Thanks for all the positive support! 🙂

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