Heigh Ho


I’m working hard (not hardly working) on this paper. I’m conserving my writing powers for it (the paper) and not for my blog. Sorry folks. I’ll post here and there over the next two weeks. After I turn in my paper, I’m all yours.

5 Responses to “Heigh Ho”

  1. 1 little miss mel

    go get ’em!

    you can always post a pic here and there to keep us entertained, right?

    didn’t you just mentioned how multitasking you were?? 🙂

  2. 2 gorillabuns

    good luck!

  3. 3 Jane is Dating

    cool screen saver- it shouldn’t be running though if you’re working right? 😉
    you know, ‘Barb’ over on my list of people is a seasoned teacher- she may be able to give you a pointer or two!

    Good luck! you’ll do great- and keep those sexy a**bs coming!!!…not.

    Oh and please don’t call me Germanic Sprinkle- I don’t even know what that is. weirdo (the guy)

  4. 4 Sizzle

    way to focus!

  5. 5 180/360

    Easy reading is damned hard writing.

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