Google me puzzled


Lately, much attention has been paid to the random people that find their way to our blogs via Google searches. Most of the wayward wanderers make sense. But one came up yesterday on my StatCounter that has left me confused.

Mind you, I don’t recall writing the word s-e-x in my blog, nor have I discussed any other country or ethnicity beyond Vegas people and Italians. So I am left to ponder…

How did a person from Yemen, searching for Arab Sexy Amateurs, find his/her way to LVGurl?

10 Responses to “Google me puzzled”

  1. 1 Lefty

    Wow! Your site is a lot spicier than I realized.

  2. 2 metalia

    He/she should get together with my friend in Iran who stumbled upon my blog looking for “Pictures underthings.”

  3. 3 180/360

    Maybe your “tasty spam” authors have hacked into your computer and are sending each other messages about nuclear warheads and humping space aliens? Just a thought! 🙂

  4. 4 180/360

    Or, more likely it’s all that sexy Arab porn you keep looking at and they are tracking back to find you.


  5. 5 LVGurl

    THAT’S IT! You unlocked the secret.

  6. 6 Jane is Dating

    Hmm…I dunno but definitely now that you’ve typed it get ready for some more hits! 🙂 I used to have the oddest things on my other blog- maybe i’ll go look them up again this weekend.

  7. 7 gorillabuns

    you don’t even want to know what i get with regards to my girls.

    my daughter happens to be the number one pic for b*i*g* l*i*p*s in alta vista. a pic that no longer exists in my database.

  8. 8 JR's Thumbprints

    Now you have me wondering about Google and where my blog will fall.

  9. 9 Jane is Dating

    ps- are those LEGWARMERS you are wearing in that photo? wooooo

  10. 10 Greg

    Well, I didn’t get here looking for Arab sexy amateurs, but I am a first-time visitor and am enjoying what I’m reading. Keep it up, and good luck finishing your Master’s project!

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