Cheeseburger Thursday, followed by Meatless Friday


I’m getting through Lent just fine, but abstaining from meat on Fridays is tough. This provides me with a great excuse to go to SONIC on Thursdays to get a cheeseburger, some tots and a vanilla Coke. Makennna helps me with the cheeseburger. “CHEESEBOOGUHR” she shouts from the backseat. “FRIIIIES.”

Thank you, Mel, for turning me on to Sonic. Or rather, turning my oldest daughter and I into Sonic junkies…


7 Responses to “Cheeseburger Thursday, followed by Meatless Friday”

  1. 1 Lefty

    Have you ever been around In-N-Out? I almost went there today. Sizzle was talking about great burgers.

  2. 2 180/360

    I am definitely an In-N-Out girl.

  3. 3 180/360

    Oops! That didn’t sound very nice. You know what I mean. I’ll take a double-double any day. There I go again… naughty, naughty little cheeseburger.

  4. 4 little miss mel

    thanks for the shout out lvgurl. you know how i am about my burgers. you showed me your in n out, me show you my tater tot. wait, that doesn’t sounds nice, does it? oh well, cheers!

  5. 5 gorillabuns

    like i’ve said before, what is a friday without bacon? just horrible! just a few more weeks, sista!

  6. 6 KT

    Mmmmm Cheeeesebuuurgeeerrrr… Lent is KILLING me too! Lexi is doing the no meat for 40 days. Nope, not just the Wednesday and Friday program, the WHOLE 40 DAYS! I feel guilty eating meat in front of her, so I too, am on the same program. I am sneaking out to In-N-Out tomorrow!

  7. 7 Jane is Dating

    you know I think I finally had a friday without meat yesterday- why is it that I can go all week without it but come friday I MUST have meat? They have sonics here maybe I’ll give one a try 🙂

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