Italiano dreamin’


I have been reunited with an old friend of mine, due to my unrelenting cyber-stalking skills. Once I’m done with THE PAPER, I plan to devote a whole post to her. Actually, I plan a trilogy of posts about my three oldest/dearest friends who are a HUGE part of who I am today — Lisa, Katie and Erin — though I credit Lisa with much of my goofiness and psychic skills.

Lisa currently lives in Napoli (Naples, to us gringos) with her husband Mimmo and bambino-to-be. Her blog has opened my eyes to all these other women who are living out their dreams in Italy, much like Lisa. I love to read their blogs, because a) many of them are fabulous photographers, and I can look at their work and…ahhhh *sigh*; b) it is so interesting to read about “expats” living in a totally different culture; and c) I can daydream about places Andrew and I [and the girls, once they are old enough to appreciate it] can visit someday.

Here are a few that I follow:

My Life Italian

The Life I Choose

Ms. Adventures in Italy

Did any of this make sense? I’m writing this on three glasses of wine…

6 Responses to “Italiano dreamin’”

  1. 1 little miss mel

    Now what I would like to see are the pages of your paper you wrote while drinking those 3 glasses of wine.

    ciao bella!

  2. 2 Angelisa

    (*insert blush*)

    isn’t it funny how you’re italiano dreamin’ and here i am, california dreamin’? i guess the grass is always greener ๐Ÿ™‚

    and, *of course* you must come out for a visit with the hub & the kiddies when they get older!!!

    btw, i totally understand how wine helps one’s paper-writing skills ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. 3 180/360

    I want to live in Italy…

  4. 4 Lefty

    You’re psychic?! That explains a lot.

    (I had better stop thinking so you can’t read my mind.)

  5. 5 Jane is Dating

    psychic skills? DO TELL…I so want to go to Italy and hit the Prada outlet…hey there’s a thought- let’s organize a blog trip to Napoli, visit your friend (crash there as well of course)…and molto benne! tutto bonno.

  6. 6 Lefty

    Oh yes…had you also been on 3 glasses of wine when you did the Star Wars thing?

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