Procrastination nation


Here I am, at my university library. I am here to obtain references I need to meet the requirements for my masters project — which is officially stressing me out now. It is due April 1, and heck, I thrive under pressure. I make everyone around me miserable in the meanwhile, but I do my best writing under the wire.

I was ordered out of the house by Andrew this morning, “Don’t come back until you finish ALL of your research!” That means I have been snapping at him and being grumpy. Poor guy. He takes the brunt of my bad moods.

Now that I’m here, what do I do? I blog. You know, that’s something I can’t do at home.

The reason I decided to write up a post is because I almost vomited right here in the computer lab. I was looking over the assessment matrix for my project, and in tiny letters I read that the spring projects are due March 1. MARCH 1?? FUCK! Oh… gawd… hosed…

I started panting like a dog. My hands were shaking. I could feel the color drain from my face. I was trying to visualize the fluorescent yellow paper sent to me by the curriculum and instruction department last month. The one that listed the project due date as April 1 in 500 point, bold font. I logged into the school website to find the C&I department page to confirm the due date, but my mind was racing so fast I couldn’t read words. FUCK!

Pant pant pant.

I fumbled around until I found the Deadlines tab. “Culminating experiences are due April 1 for spring term, and July 1 for summer term, and November 1 for fall term.”

Right then and there, I knew what I had to do. Blog. And then research. The mighty demigods of procrastination are sending me a message that I’ve stalled long enough. LVGurl is getting her ass in gear.

4 Responses to “Procrastination nation”

  1. 1 180/360

    May the writing force be with you!

  2. 2 little miss mel

    Get to work missy! Quit slackin! haha

    May the force be with YOU!
    Good God child, who is that in the pic with you?

  3. 3 LVGurl

    Nope, that’s not Han Solo. It’s a guy named Art that I used to work with. When I first started working here, my PR team and I did a “Day as a Tourist.” Basically, we goofed around on the Strip one work day doing touristy things. Like getting terrible morph photos taken of ourselves.

  4. 4 Plain Jane

    quit blogging and get to work- I do have a huge thesis somewhere in elementary ed- along with a year’s worth of lesson plans. I haven’t finished my master’s….decided I don’t like kids that much and they are better off with me in my present field 🙂

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