Kooky Pooch


I have been remiss in not introducing a very important member of the LVGurl family. I may have mentioned her in a post or two, but have not revealed her photo until now.

This is our family dog, Sammie. Sammie is a girl, please remember that because nobody ever does. Her given name is Samantha, but she responds to Sammon, Teeth McGee, Poop, Bark Tomlinson and Bahboo (Makenna came up with that one).

Sammie is a rat terrier. She has been a fine dog, if not a bit wild. She loves to snuggle, take long walks, eat large amounts of food, nibble on Makenna’s hand, lick Paige’s tongue, and bark at inanimate objects. Sammie sports a mean underbite, and one tooth protrudes over her top lip. Her head is a nice shade of brown, her body is white with four big brown spots on the back.

We really love our dog, even when we think she might be slightly insane.

** Kooky Pooch photo by 180/360 **

4 Responses to “Kooky Pooch”

  1. 1 gorillabuns

    what a sweet face!

    i will vicarously through you, because no way, no how, am i going to take care of potty training another person/animal/thing.:)

  2. 2 180/360

    Hey! Where’s my photo credit? Just kidding. 🙂

  3. 3 Lefty

    At least it’s not a cat!

  4. 4 Plain Jane

    I can’t wait to get a dog- cute one you have there! 🙂 August can’t get here soon enough but don’t tell my daugher I want this as bad as she does…she’s agreed to be the pooper scooper.

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