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THE PAPER is complete! I turned it in yesterday. Now I await/hope for a letter informing me that I passed and that I can officially graduate. After I deposited THE PAPER at the graduate office, I bought a bag of Doritos and a Pepsi. I have no idea why. Probably had something to do with […]

Almost done


So look out! I had a minor panic attack today over THE PAPER, but after talking to my ever-soothing husband and my armchair-psychologist Mel, I calmed-the-frick-down. Since I’m in the home stretch to complete THE PAPER, I will be ducking out until Friday. I will catch up on your blogs at that time. Later taters.

Today would have been my grandpa’s 95th birthday. He has been gone nearly 15 years, and I miss him. My Grammy misses him terribly. He lived to see his first great-grandson, which made him very happy. He’d get a kick out of my two girls, too. I can still hear him say “Hello, Doll!” I […]

I have no idea what that means, but I saw it on a bumper sticker yesterday. Andrew and I were in L.A. this weekend for our anniversary. Thrilling update to follow later today.

Yeah! It’s the first day of spring! The sun is in Aries, my anniversary is Saturday and my birthday is in two weeks. I love spring. To celebrate, here are a few fun photos on which to feast your eyes. Paige loves Cheerios. There’s one stuck on her right hand. Makenna and pal Ava take […]

Heigh Ho


I’m working hard (not hardly working) on this paper. I’m conserving my writing powers for it (the paper) and not for my blog. Sorry folks. I’ll post here and there over the next two weeks. After I turn in my paper, I’m all yours.