Dosage dilemma


My nasal passages are threatening me with an infection. I can breathe freely, however, my cheekbones ache and I can feel my teeth when I walk.

In the kids’ medicine cabinet, I have two samples of antibiotics. One is a five-day pediatric dosing of Zithromax, the other is a one-day pediatric dosing of Omnicef. Since last night, I have been toying with the idea of taking both to stave off this burgeoning infection.

Why would I do such a thing? Because full-blown sinus infections are miserable. I’d like to stop it now, if I can. And seeing my doctor isn’t feasible this week. People who don’t have kids to tote around can easily sit at their primary care doctor’s office for hours to obtain a real Rx. But with kids, that’s a tall order.

Why haven’t I taken the two mini-doses of those samples? Because if they don’t work, I would have to wait a few weeks to take another round of antibiotics. At which point my sinuses might burst open. Then I would be a huge jackass when I have to explain to my doctor that I was self-medicating at home with pediatric samples.

8 Responses to “Dosage dilemma”

  1. 1 little miss mel

    oooo, that is a pickle. I would call the doc to see a PA and get the rents to watch the kids, feasible??

  2. 2 LVGurl

    The ‘rents are away this week, the office usually has a two hour wait. No PA. Bah!

  3. 3 Sizzle

    that sounds horrendous! ack!

    hope it improves- pronto!

  4. 4 Brynne

    Too bad you didn’t have some valium..that always helps with my colds.

    Okay I’m joking.

  5. 5 Just Plain Jane

    First time- as a single mom (of one) I enjoy reading the trials and turbulence of other moms so that I don’t feel all retarded and all 😉

    As far as your nose- I get them to the point I think my teeth are going to fall out. I can suggesst Claritin or Alavert to bring the pain down to a less miserable level. I’m not a dr though and I tend to get creative with OTC when I need to because I hate going to the dr. Hope you feel better. Ok just scratch my advice- just feel better

  6. 6 Lefty

    ick…I think I’m catching it just reading your post…

  7. 7 Lefty

    Oh yes…you know what really works well for nasal infections? A tablespoon of Tapatio brand salsa picante!

  8. 8 LVGurl

    Yes, I’m about ready to inhale some Tapatio. It should burn away my pain.

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