I *heart* sleeping babies

For me, few things are sweeter than this.

6 Responses to “I *heart* sleeping babies”

  1. 1 gorillabuns

    how sweet is this picture! i love the babies when they sleep!

  2. 2 180/360

    It must be nice to get some respite from the squealing and bird calls! She’s so sweet.

  3. 3 Lefty

    It’s especially nice because they’re not getting into any trouble!

  4. 4 Manic Mom

    OMG! I want one!

    Oh wait, I have three; they’re just not like THAT anymore. Don’t you wish you could bottle them up at that age…

    Too precious!

    And when I read LVGurl, I don’t think Las Vegas, I think LLUUUUVGurl.

    I think you came by way of DD–thanks for your comment at Manic’s!

  5. 5 Sizzle

    that is pretty darn cute!

  6. 6 metalia

    This is ADORABLE. So sweet!

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