Unwelcomed house guests


From time to time, we find these vile creatures in our house.

I hate scorpions. I hate them. Now that I have children, I hate scorpions even more. With so much passion that if you could harness it all, that passionate hate could power a 747 and fly to Europe and back.

Certain parts of Vegas have colonies of Desert Hairy Scorpions, the type that like to invite themselves into my house to warm up in the winter, and cool off in the summer. We are lucky enough to live in that “certain part of Vegas” where these little bastards reside.

Last September, after our home was sprayed with gallons of pesticide to destroy these sickening demons, I was stung by one. My left foot had the audacity to poke around under the sink cabinet while I was preparing Makenna’s toothbrush. Apparently, my foot disturbed a four-inch-long scorpion from its beauty rest, and he stung that toe next to my big toe. Would that be the “pointer” toe? Anyway, the pain was excruciating, and I screamed out of sheer terror as soon as I saw the retreating coward. Andrew beat the scorpion into pulp.

Andrew then jumped online to read up what we should do. I was going to play it cool, but my toes went numb. Then my foot. Then my left leg UP TO MY KNEE! My parents raced over to care for the girls so Andrew could take me to the emergency room. We brought the tattered remains of the scorpion carcass for identification.

Once I finally made it back to be examined, we were assured that the scorpion wasn’t poisonous, and that the numbness and electric tingling was just my body’s white blood cells surging to fight the venom. Really? Then why, five months later, are two of my toes STILL numb??

I haven’t seen any uninvited guests in our home for a couple months now. But lo and behold, one made it’s way onto patio door this morning. Andrew quickly escorted the scorpion to its swimming lesson down the powder bathroom toilet.

I would have taken a picture to share with you all, but that would mean the scorpion would be in my house 20 seconds longer than I was comfortable.


7 Responses to “Unwelcomed house guests”

  1. 1 little e

    One word. NASTY!

    Glad that bastard is gone. blech. Hope your toes regain feeling. That IS a bit concerning.

  2. 2 180/360

    They’re back? I am so sorry! YUCK!!!!!

  3. 3 whoorl

    This entry freaks me out to the core. BLECH!

  4. 4 LVGurl

    Now imagine that feeling, times 100, when you see one for real. I get goosies just thinking about it. Brrrr!

  5. 5 Tracie B.

    word traveled fast around the scorpion grapevine that your husband kicks some scorpion ass. i think it’s time for another beatin’.

    gross. when i was a teacher in the newly developed western hills of austin, we frequently found scorpions in the school. there is nothing more disgusting and scary than a transluscent stinging insect.

    just another reason to stay out of the ‘burbs…

  6. 6 Sizzle

    i’m here to tell you that i you have been tagged for a meme on my blog. 🙂

  7. 7 gorillabuns

    dude! i hate scorpions even though my mother is a scorpio. does that even count? wow! maybe, i should lay off the drinking!

    anyway, i had a special encounter when i was at my grandparents house in the woods. i was plucking my eyebrows and squishing zits (okay, i was 14 for goodness sakes!) and i felt something tickle my thigh…i had a HUGE scorpion doing the humpty dance on my thigh as it was ready to pounce! luckily, i jumped up in horror and my grandmother grabbed it with a kleenex and stomped it with her orthopedic shoe.

    to this day, i feel like i was saved from the “big one!”

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