Pili ‘uhane kauhale


Spiritual home.

My birthday present to Andrew is a trip to our favorite place on Earth… the south shore of Maui.

We have been talking about returning there for a year, but could never get out of own way to plan something. Birthing a second child does that to people.

Andrew and I love Hawaii so much that both our girls’ names have Hawaiian in them. Makenna’s name is a derivative of Makena Beach, our favorite spot on Maui. Paige’s middle name is Malia, which means calm and peaceful. Those of you who know Paige, or spoke with me on a regular basis between Paige’s 4th – 12th weeks understand that peaceful Paige is a bit of an oxymoron 😉

So mid-October, Andrew and I will be enjoying a much-needed vacation and a little le’ale’a (fun). I, for one, can barely wait!!

Makena Beach, October 2005

Makenna on Makena

3 Responses to “Pili ‘uhane kauhale”

  1. 1 Lefty

    Sounds like it will be a great trip for you. Enjoy!

  2. 2 Sizzle

    i’ve got to get myself there soon. it’s so gorgeous!

  3. 3 Angelisa

    Looks beauutiful! Great gift. Have fun!

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