YouTube, Copyrights and You


Bah to YouTube… BAH I SAY!

Recovering from a busy weekend of baptisms, family and football, I was short on ideas for a post. I decided that I would take the easy way out and link to a YouTube video in my ‘favorites’ file. Nope. Nada. GONE!

My favorite pick-me-up-when-I’m-down SNL skit disappeared from my file. Uh-oh. I tried to find similar videos using a key word search. Zilch. When I found the URL that I sent to a friend and pasted it into my browser, I received this message:

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by NBC Universal

I knew it would happen eventually, but so soon? YouTube is going the way of Napster. There is too much good stuff out there, free viewing for the millions, but the big media overlords need to keep a tight reign on their property. I imagine that there is an intern at NBC whose sole job is to comb YouTube for any and all SNL streaming videos. Once detected, the aforementioned overlords shoot off cease and desist letters to end the piracy.

But what about my dwindling ‘favorites’ file? What will I watch when I’m down?

I gotta have more cowbell, baby…


One Response to “YouTube, Copyrights and You”

  1. 1 180/360

    There was a story in the paper about Viacom asking YouTube (nicely) to remove anything that was theirs before they sued. I’m not sure if NBC is related to Viacom- but I’m guessing that it will unfortunately go the way of Napster.

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