Move over Alize, I have a new favorite restaurant on the Vegas Strip!

TAO at the Venetian.

Holy schnikes, that food was unbelievable!

Going out to eat with friends is a difficult task these days, being that many friends have not one, but two or three children. Andrew gets to eat at all the great places for business dinners, and I have mentally kept track of his favorite spots.

So, when my good friend Kris flew into town for a girls’ weekend, I jumped at the chance to book reservations at TAO for the group.

Did mention the the food was amazing? Everything was served family style, and we pigged out on pork spring rolls w/ Thai chili sauce, miso glazed Chilean sea bass, Mongolian scallion chicken, pad Thai noodles, ginger seared rib eye. With every bite I took, I mutter “Omigawd.” Or “I can’t believe this.”

The decor and vibe was spectacular. Here are shots from TAO in New York, which looks similar, but I think the Vegas locale is more impressive. (sorry New York purists!) I loved the 20 foot Buddha that overlooked the restaurant. All evening house music thumped through the entire two-story establishment. The bar area was vast, lots of space to mingle.

I have never seen a restaurant a) so huge, and b) so packed with people. It was like a restaurant and club in one. And that doesn’t count the exclusive, celebrity-laden TAO nightclub on the third level. We were on the guest list up there…and that’s another blog entry altogether.

For an old married woman with kids, I felt pretty hip for once!


3 Responses to “TAO? YUM!”

  1. 1 little e

    For once? Um, you were at my bach party, right? You didn’t have kids yet, but you sure knew how to move. Hope you let the “real you” come out here and there to keep you sane!! 🙂

  2. 2 LVGurl

    For once, meaning SINCE having the kiddos!

  3. 3 Lefty

    You have young children and you STILL get to go out to dinner? What’s up with that? Totally not fair.

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