I *heart* XM Radio!


People who know me well know that I pray at the alter of XM. If given five minutes of anyone’s time, I can provide at least 20 reasons why they should get an XM hookup. I have a crazy, diverse taste in music. My iPod suffers an identity crisis. XM is the only solution. The main reason I like to drive Andrew’s SUV is so I can listen to his XM radio.

Last night, I drove down to Bellagio (in Andrew’s SUV) to meet my friend Kris and others for dinner. Here is a sampling of what I rocked out to driving down Flamingo…and why XM is so great!

Money Maker by Ludacris and Pharrell
Tesla Girls by OMD
Le Disko by Shiny Toy Guns
Bikini Girls with Machine Guns by The Cramps
What Goes Around by Justin Timberlake
Is There Anyone Out There by Duran Duran

And proof that I have ridiculous taste in music… not only did I NOT change the station when the following song came on, I sang along! I got choked up! Oh, the melodrama of the lyrics:

Weekend in New England by Barry Manilow
(When wiiiiill our eeeeeys meeeet? Wheeeeeen can I touch yoooou?)

I get goosebumps!


One Response to “I *heart* XM Radio!”

  1. 1 KT

    You are a dork… I guess thats why we get along so well 🙂

    “Oh l’amoooouuuurrrr… broke my heart, and now I’m achin’ for yooouuuu.”

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