I have a 30-page paper due on April 1. This paper is the final step in the four year process of obtaining my M.Ed and graduating this May. I am dragging my feet. Like most, I loathe writing papers. I was supposed to be done last semester, but newborn baby + two-year-old daughter + one last master’s class = no 30-page paper writing.

In June 2003, I started a joint teaching credential and master’s program in secondary education. I decided that I really, truly hated working in public relations and it was time for a career change. Wielding an oh-so powerful English degree, I could put it to a very specific use and teach middle school or high school English.

That was the best career decision of my life.

In 1997, if you asked 23-year-old LVGurl about teaching, you’d get a face all contorted as she sniffed, “Pfft! Teach? Oh please. I’m going to work in HIGH TECH!”

And work in high tech I did. That evolved into an entry-level PR position in a very large, very serious high tech company. Meanwhile, my downstairs apartment neighbor was a 1st grade teacher at a nearby elementary school. She went to work at 8:30am, well after I had scrambled to my desk at 7:00am to beat my mean boss to work. I was scared of her. My boss, that is.

Quick aside: Have you seen The Devil Wears Prada? I actually felt wildly uneasy during the entire movie. Ann Hathaway’s character? That was me. That was my pager going off at 3am with one of the PR managers crying that she took the wrong press release to Kinko’s in Manhattan and the press kits need to be stuffed before the show in two hours and could I drive to the office to email her the right one? Anyway…

When I was dragging my beat-up PR ass home at 6:30pm, Miss Teacher Neighbor was returning home from Half Moon Bay, where she was laying out in the sun, grading spelling papers, and enjoying her life. She made the same salary as me. She worked from 8:30am to 3:00pm. She got extended vacations and summers off. She loved her students. She loved what she did. And I didn’t. Looking back, that’s when the teaching bug first bit me.

I worked my way up, switched gears and worked for a PR agency, which I really liked. Great people, fun clients, more Internet bubble delirium. Then I was laid-off with everybody in 2001. I fondly remember a great dinner at Miss Mel’s apartment in San Francisco where we all sat around and a) told our lay-off story, or b) speculated about when we thought we’d be laid-off. No more talk of stock options and raging corporate Christmas parties and job offers so numerous you just couldn’t choose which one to take. Cockiness had slapped us all in the face.

I eventually landed on my feet w/ The Husband in Las Vegas for a travel and tourism PR manager position for the FABULOUS Las Vegas brand. And I was spent. Blech. I hated doing PR. I’ll blog about that job at a later time. I actually have a point to meander to.
Our friends thought we were fucking nuts. Las Vegas? What a hellhole! But you know what, my husband and I were able to buy a reasonably priced house and finally live in a place with a decent cost of living. That cost of living enabled me to outright STOP working and go to school full time. Eventually I became a mom full time.

I continued my teaching program through two pregnancies and two newborns. It was tough at times, especially when I had papers to write while I was dog-tired from breastfeeding eight-to-10 times a day. Not to mention when I had to leave Makenna in daycare for four months so I could drag my pregnant butt (and belly) to my student teaching assignment everyday.
Aside from the HUGE feeling of accomplishment I have for continuing my momentum and getting through my program while being a full time mom, I know more than ever that I found my true professional calling. I love to teach! I love the kids! Even when they and/or their parents are being assholes! I love the hours! I love the vacations! And someday, when my girls are a little older, I can have my very own classroom.

Until then, I have this damn paper to finish. (SEE! I MADE IT BACK TO MY POINT!) Instead of spending an hour doing some research, I decided to share this story via blog to all three people who are reading this entry.

“Procrastination isn’t the problem, it’s the solution! So procrastinate now, don’t put it off.”
–Ellen DeGeneres

3 Responses to “Procrastinating…”

  1. 1 Sizzle

    i loved that movie but the whole time i watched it i was grateful i had never had a job where my boss could throw her coat on me. i’m glad you found something fulfilling!

  2. 2 KT

    I too, am in full procrastination mode. A new life in the Bay Area is waiting for me, and I am too lazy to pack up and get the hell out of SLO! Something is wrong with this picture…

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