Say it ain’t so…


Yesterday, I heard something shocking from my friend Liz. Trader Joe’s no longer carries their tasty gyoza! I’m crushed. Liz asked around at her store, apparently the company that makes those little pieces of heaven went belly-up. TJ’s is looking around for a new pot sticker purveyor.

Not one to take news laying down, I paid a visit last night to my local TJs. It was true. The spot in the freezer case where the gyoza once resided was filled with Thai lemongrass rolls!

At checkout, I blathered on to the checker about how the gyozas were gone and did she know anything about it? She looked at me with an expression that was a combination of bewilderment and indifference. The bagger informed me that the gyoza were still “out-of-stock” and they were waiting on a new shipment.

For a moment I felt relieved, then I thought, “What does this guy know?! Sounds like a stalling tactic to me!”

I do hope the gyoza come back. They are a staple around here, they are quick and easy to heat and eat, especially with two little ones around.


One Response to “Say it ain’t so…”

  1. 1 little e

    thank you for spelling gyoza. I wouldn’t have been able to do that under pressure in a spelling bee.

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