Out of the mouths of babes


Here is a brief overview of some of the things Makenna has been saying lately:

Last week Makenna told me to HURRY UP when I was feeding Paige some yummy oatmeal and squash. Makenna really wanted to go for a ride and I wasn’t moving quickly enough to suit her.

She also likes to say MOVE TARS at every stop light. And AH SHIT when she drops something.

I’m so pleased to pass along my impatience and foul language.

I’ve been taking Makenna to church with me lately. It was all going well, until yesterday when she decided to start picking her nose for the entire world to see. I made the mistake of quietly correcting the behavior, which Makenna found amusing. So during the most serene moments of prayer, she would stick her finger in my nose and say (loudly) PICK NOSE! Then she arched her back and tried to swan dive into the pew in front of us, saying (loudly) UPSIDE-DOWN! She then decided that she really liked my purse. So she proclaimed MOMMY’S PUSS! Yeah, we left right after communion.

As I write all this, I’m cracking myself up. You just can’t get worked up with these kids.

One Response to “Out of the mouths of babes”

  1. 1 little e

    Wow, you are bold taking her to church. Do they have a nursery? Either way, great visual! Rt says “frog”, but comes out as “fuck”. HA!

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