A euphemism for crappy


If I keep up some momentum and keep posting, you will learn that I have an illness — I LOVE shopping for my two little girls. I LOVE LOVE LOVE baby and toddler girls clothing. Ugh, I can barely stand it. My dear friend Erin recently had a little girl who is 4 months younger than my baby Paige, so I now have another little girl to shop for. The ladies at babyGap recognize me now.

I sometimes shop online at babystyle.com, because 1) I think that some of the clothing is cute, and 2) there is no Babystyle store in Vegas just yet. The problem with buying Babystyle clothing online is that the quality is a crapshoot. Like the cute dresses I received today for my oldest, Makenna. When I opened up one of the packages to look at the dress, I was a bit disappointed. It didn’t look as hearty as I hoped, maybe a tad…cheap? Maybe flimsy is a more appropriate word? While I pawed at the dress trying to decide if I would keep it, I found a tag that said this:

This fabric is intended to look distressed. The gentle irregularities and slight color variations are characteristic and designed to enhance the beauty of this garment.

Is this Babystyle’s way of admitting that yes, the fabric is chintsy? I reread the product description, and distressed was not an adjective used to describe the dress. Well…I am going to keep the two dresses because they are really sweet. But I feel slightly annoyed that Babystyle charges a decent amount for their clothing so that we can admire its irregular beauty.


One Response to “A euphemism for crappy”

  1. 1 Sam

    I have two girls myself. I love baby clothes too! I will pass this along to you if you want to browse among the very couture clothing over at Sandboxcouture.com. They have the most beautiful dresses! Biscotti and Kate Mack are to die for!

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