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I have been awaiting the paddywagon to come and haul me away, Mother’s Badge and all. While I shower and dress in the morning, during Paige’s first nap, Makenna hangs out in the bathroom with me and plays with all sorts of ordinary objects. The little box that holds the q-tips, my many face creams, […]



Move over Alize, I have a new favorite restaurant on the Vegas Strip! TAO at the Venetian. Holy schnikes, that food was unbelievable! Going out to eat with friends is a difficult task these days, being that many friends have not one, but two or three children. Andrew gets to eat at all the great […]

People who know me well know that I pray at the alter of XM. If given five minutes of anyone’s time, I can provide at least 20 reasons why they should get an XM hookup. I have a crazy, diverse taste in music. My iPod suffers an identity crisis. XM is the only solution. The […]

While waiting in a doctor’s office this morning — one that had good magazines, by the way — I stumbled upon a back issue of Newsweek. This particular article was an interesting and shocking read, especially after my visit to that scary preschool (see previous entry). Read on — The New First Grade: Too Much, […]

Baby geniuses


Last weekend, Makenna and I drove around our side of town in a fury to find a preschool. For some reason, the preschools around here have open houses and enrollment the exact same day and time in January. For next fall. It is so strange. So I was all caught up the the mayhem, trying […]

I don’t enjoy Monday night television. So when faced with watching Deal or No Deal, or the Biography of The Bee Gees, the Brothers Gibb won out. It was interesting, really! It was! I had no idea that they produced so many songs, and made so many hits beyond Saturday Night Fever. As a tribute, […]

Crocs. They aren’t the most attractive shoes. And in adult sizes, they look quite frightful in my opinion. This past Christmas, Andrew bought a pair for Makenna. Quickly, these purple people eaters have turned into our dream shoes, simply because they are so easy to slip on Makenna’s feet in a hurry… and she can […]